On this day…

I’m not sure how many people reading this will be familiar with Apple’s photos app, but I can imagine its a lot of you. Today my photo app told me it has a new memory for me. An On This Day… from 2015. On this day two years ago I had just begun my maternity leave. Two years ago I was brewing a Spike. Two years ago today I had a photo shot to capture memories of something beautiful.

I had always wanted a maternity photo shoot doing. I pinterested exactly what I wanted and was lucky enough to find McAvoy Photography and win myself a bump to baby photoshoot. That is was I was doing two years ago today. And for some crazy reason I never shared the moment that Jenny captured on my blog!

on-this-day-two-years-ago-readaraptor-hatchling-maternity-photoshoot-2541We took to our local Park for our photoshoot and had most of the moments captured in the woods, with a few on the lawns. It was a gorgeous day so we were really lucky with the weather! I wanted it to be natural so kept everything the way it usually was. T wore jeans and a t-shirt. I wore a primark number with leggings and no make up like normal!

T hates to smile but Jenny put us at ease so much, she’s an incredible phototographer and he soon forgot he was there for a photoshoot and relaxed! I think my favourite picture from the whole shoot is the one with just him and my baby bump – even if I struggled to get off the floor after it!

Its incredible to think that this was 2 years ago. That day made me realise that I was going to be a mama very soon. Although I had another 6 weeks of waiting for Spike to come I can barely remember anything between this day and that. Other than my amazing baby shower of course!

This day two years ago marked the start of something. It was my first real ‘oh my, its nearly actually happening’ day. It was the start of an amazing 20 months off with my baby. And the start of my time away from the career I started and never really got to finish. I expected to return to my old job and I never thought that two years later I’d be in a totally different career. It was the start of a lot of amazing things. Its good to know how much I’ve achieved since that day, two years ago.

The week after we had Spike, Jenny came back to take some amazing newborn photos too. She stayed so calm and was so good with Spike that I didn’t want her to leave! Spike was probably the grumpiest baby Jenny has ever had to take photos of but she didn’t seem to mind at all! What’s more, 2 years after our first shoot, we’re going back to for another this weekend! We’ll be posting some special pics to mark Spike’s 2nd birthday soon! 😀

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