Blue Coffee Box Subscription and my coffee cup with coffee brewing in my cafetière and my notepad
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Opening my door to the world of coffee – Blue Coffee Box subscription review

Now that I’m working from home, I thought it’s about time I used some of the appliances I’ve gathered over the years. I’ve had a cafetière for years since being bought it as a gift. But haven’t used it since I ran out of the last bag of coffee I had. Partly because rushing out of the house on a morning didn’t offer me enough time to brew it. And partly because I kept umming and ahhing over what coffee to buy.

When Blue Coffee Box got in touch to ask if I wanted to give one of their boxes a go, it came at the perfect time. I’d just started my new job, meaning I’d be at home more. Plus, I had also made the decision to start only drinking one or two cups of coffee a day. Why a coffee box subscription is good when I just limited my coffee intake you ask? Well because it means the coffee would last even longer! Before, I’d have burned through it in a matter of days! 

What is Blue Coffee Box? 

Blue Coffee Box is a subscription service, sending gourmet coffee direct to your door on a schedule that suits you. It is perfect for coffee lovers as you get to try coffee from 22 different countries. The boxes fit through your letterbox and you can chose how many bags come each time your box arrives. You can also choose how regularly they arrive and your brewing preference. I got cafetière as that’s what I have at home. There was coffee suitable for dropper, aeropress, espresso and even the beans for grinding yourself at home. 

My love for coffee 

I love the idea of new types coffees. However all the different options available online for my cafetière put me off buying a lot for it. Also, it wasn’t until recently I also realised that I primarily drink coffee to keep me awake. As a busy mum that’s a priority, but it shouldn’t be the only reason to drink something. I’d delved into different teas etc to branch out and enjoy the taste of what I’m drinking, so it made sense to try lots of different coffees too. With my Blue Coffee Box Subscription I have realised that there are definitely tastes that I prefer from my coffee. Which will help my buying choices in the future! 

My Blue Coffee Box Subscription

When my box arrived I wasn’t sure what to expect, taste wise. As I said, I like my coffee milky, that’s all I really knew. My box arrived with two bags, the Hutwe from Craft House Coffee and Ceiba from Mission Coffee Works. Each came with a fact sheet about the coffee, where it came from, what taste it has and a bit of information about where the beans are farmed. I found it really interesting reading about each coffee type and to learn about the different areas it originated from. The Hutwe coffee is from Democratic Republic of The Congo and Ceiba is from Guatemala. Hutwe has notes of nectarine, jam and chocolate while Ceiba has notes of cherry, apricot, cream and chocolate. 

My thoughts on the coffee subscription box 

I tried both types of coffee, one the day after the other and went to write this review… then thought I can’t justify talking about them after only one cup. They were both lovely and I really enjoyed them. But I needed more cups and to have a real think about them. So that’s why my review took a little longer to write. In all my experience I expected to love Ceiba coffee with its hints of cherry, apricot and more. But the Hutwe coffee surprised me, its definitely my favourite of the two and I’d definitely be tempted to stock it permanently in my cupboard! I think this box is ideal as a gift for someone who you know loves coffee, but also for someone who drinks coffee and hasn’t really delved into the world of coffee roasters much! It’s the perfect gift for a housewarming or an autumn birthday too. 

A few weeks on from receiving my box 

It’s been a few weeks now and I’ve been enjoying my coffees regularly. The beans were roasted at the end of September and are best enjoyed within 4 weeks. But the bags keep them fresh for up to 3 months so I’ve got plenty of time to carry on enjoying them. As I said I’m only drinking one cup every day so I’m not going through them very fast, there’s plenty to enjoy, my bags contained around 225g of ground coffee – but I reckon you’d get through the bags quite quickly if you were sharing them with your partner or drinking more than one a day.

Your Blue Coffee Box Subscription discount 

My Blue Coffee Box was sent to me for the purpose of this review, but the lovely people over at Blue Coffee Box wanted me to pass something on to you too. They’re offering all my readers £3 off any product on their website. Head to the website here and use code RH3 to use your discount! 

For tea lovers I should point out there’s a Blue Tea Box too… I might have to get my sister that for Christmas! 

Disclaimer: I was sent one Blue Coffee Box in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.