Our 2022 Travel Plans
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Our 2022 Travel Plans – What We Are Planning For The Year Ahead

With an amazing holiday to Lapland at the end of 2021 (which I promise, will have a review at some point!), the need to travel has been reignited inside me. However, the start of 2022 has brought with it a rise in the levels of Omicron. Also, the stress of rules changing the week we went abroad last year has put us off a foreign holiday this year too. So this year won’t have anything as major as Lapland in it, and once again our travel plans really focus on the UK. Thats not too bad though, especially as we’ve already enjoyed a mini break to the Lakes this year!

A Trip to the Lakes

Its T’s Birthday next week, and its a big one… We took advantage of the fact we could get someone to watch Spike during school hours, (thanks Sis!) and decided to celebrate early with a 2 night stay in the Lake District this week just gone. We stayed close enough that we stayed Tuesday night and still made it back to work on time Wednesday morning too! With a fell walk on Monday and a day spent in the spa on Tuesday, it was the perfect child free break! Though Spike was jealous we went away without her! Which got us thinking about our next planned getaway…

City Breaks in New Places

Spike’s big brother, L, moved to Nottingham last year and we haven’t been to see him yet. His birthday is April and last April we went to Norwich to see him which was lovely. We’re planning another trip this Easter break to see him at his new place and explore Nottingham. Nottingham is a city I’ve only been to once when looking at Universities, and even then I didn’t go into the city itself. I’ve started looking at fun things to do in the city and Spike will love Greens Mill and Science Centre and Wollaton Hall and Deer Park looks cool. Sherwood Forest isn’t far either and I would really love to visit that! Also, we’ll be a little closer to the Space Centre in Leicester which I have wanted to take Spike to forever too, so we might try and fit that in if we can!

London Kid Friendly Getaway

We bought a family railcard last year and before it runs out I want to also take a mini trip to London to take Spike to the National History Museum, the London Eye and maybe Shrek’s Adventure because I know she’ll love it. She appreciates art too and I think she would love a wander around Brick Lane to see all the graffiti around there so maybe we’ll squeeze that in at some point too. I’ve wanted to go to London with her for a while and I think she’s finally old enough to go this year, after doing so well in Edinburgh last year when we went for the day. We’ll definitely stay over in London if we can get it cheap enough but it’ll probably be May Half Term or a weekend if it happens.

A Summer Getaway

Spike has been wanting to go back on a holiday park since I left my job at a holiday park company. We’ve not managed to get one sorted, but we went walking a few weeks ago and ended up on a caravan park and she mentioned it again, so I think we’re going to do it this summer. We’re hoping we can sort something out with friends or family to go with other kids, and we’re aiming for a beach of some description nearby! If you have any recommendations, do shout out about them. We want to explore somewhere new, so maybe Cornwall, the south coast, or Wales. It will be good to give Spike the freedom of a holiday park because she was sad she couldn’t go exploring as much in Lapland as she does on these types of holidays!

My Travel Wishlist Item that Probably Wont Happen

I really wanted 2022 to be the year we go to a festival. But I don’t think it’ll happen. I love the idea of a festival but we cant agree on which one to go to, and whether or not to take Spike. We both want to go to Download, but that can’t happen with her and we cant get anyone to watch her when its on – so the summer holiday ones would work better. Maybe we will just try and go to a local one rather than travel to one!

Getting The Tent Out

One of the other things we’ve been talking about is getting our tent out and travelling up to the lakes more to stay over on a weekend. We love the idea of tackling some of the smaller fells with Spike and she loves the idea of camping… the reality might be different when we attempt it though! We went camping with her when she was 8 weeks old but we haven’t been since, and that was a bit much so it put us off… but 7 years later we might be over that!

Where are you going for your break this year? Feel free to give us a little inspiration!