Our Christmas Traditions with two images, the first is T holding Spike up o she can put the star on the tree and the second is spike at 7 months old sitting up with her christmas eve teddy and book, One Snowy Night
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Our Christmas Traditions – how we’re still feeling festive in the new normal

So this year is going to be a little different for everyone isn’t it? Some Christmas Traditions are having to fall by the wayside this year because of Covid. It’s sad, but hopefully it’ll just be one year and by next year the celebrations can be back to normal. I hope so anyway as next year we’re hoping to go away with Spike’s Grandma to the home of Santa himself!

Our Christmas tree traditions

Usually our tree makes an appearance the first weekend of December. However this year, we did put it up a little earlier. Lots of people have to spread the Christmas cheer it what’s been a rubbish year. We opted for the weekend before the one we’d usually do and as Spike got chicken pox on the Thursday before, it was the perfect indoor Christmas activity. As usual it went up with Miracle on 34th Street playing away in the background which is standard for our Christmas traditions. And as usual Spike put the star on the top of the tree. The only thing thats missing so far is the new ornament I usually get every year. I usually pick one up in Manchester when we go to the markets. But thats another story.

Christmas Markets

I usually go to Manchester Christmas markets every year. This year there are no markets and not much travelling allowed. Last year I went with my mum friends and it was a fantastic evening, I think we were planning on making that a tradition, but not this year. Me and T were also planning on taking Spike to Edinburgh this year as it doesn’t actually take that long on the train from where we are. But thats a trip that will have to be postponed too. However our local flea market location is doing a big fat Christmas Markets with crepes so I’m totally doing that.

Visiting Santa

Santa this year will be a very unusual experience. Traditionally we have breakfast with Santa, and go to a shopping centre type place to visit him. The shopping centres aren’t doing Santa visits as such and the breakfast with Santa is a no-no in 3 tier Lancashire. Though the Big Fat Christmas Markets has a Santas Grotto and I’ve managed to get tickets for her for next weekend. 100% certain she won’t speak to Santa and it’ll be £15 badly spent. But never mind… she gets a gift, and a hot dog for it. Now I’m thinking about this actually I’m not sure why we’re blowing so much on going to Lapland for next year’s visiting Santa experience!

Christmas Eve boxes and movie time

I’m working Christmas Eve for the first time in forever as I didn’t have enough holidays to take it off. But T is off and will be making use of the Christmas bubble to see his Mum with Spike. I’m hoping they’ll be back early enough to enjoy our usual Christmas Eve boxes. I’ve got the PJs and the Christmas Eve teddy bear for this year. I’ve ordered some wildlife friendly reindeer food too. I will be putting a bath bomb and some hot chocolate in there for her this year. There are things she didn’t have in previous years but as she’s getting older I know she’ll enjoy them.

Making Christmas Magical

With so much of the new normal going on there are bits that we can’t enjoy, unlimited time with friends and family being one of them. But I’m hoping Christmas can still be magical this year and thankfully some of our Christmas traditions will be alive. Spike is getting a new scooter from ‘Santa’ and roller boots from her grandma so I have visions of spending Christmas Day outside teaching her how to roll! And I can’t wait. The week between Christmas and New Year will still be our downtime and with me not returning to work until the 5th Jan I’m planning on making it special!

How have your plans changed this year? Are you still able to enjoy the festive season as you normally would?