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Our family kitchen cupboard essentials – the items we always have in, just in case

As a family it’s always a good idea to have a range of items in the cupboard just in case. ‘Just in case’ for us usually involves me making something Spike decides she doesn’t like. After eating it 100 times before. Or realising once we’ve left the house for the day that I didn’t get chicken out of the freezer. Or getting in from work and not having the energy to cook the 45 minute recipe I had planned. I thought I’d share a bit about our family kitchen cupboard essentials and would love to know if yours match in the comments!

The tinned goods

So as standard we always have the following tinned goods in:

  • tinned tomatoes
  • tuna
  • baked beans and sausages
  • Fray bento’s meatballs
  • spaghetti shapes in tomato sauce
  • mushy peas
  • Pinto/ Butter / Kidney beans

The meatballs, Shapes and baked beans and sausages are obviously for Spike. She’s going off the beans and sausages option a little though. These are the perfect family food options for her when she decides at last minute she’s not eating what we eat. She can see the meal and say no and I don’t have to cook for 20 minutes while mine goes cold. They aren’t the healthiest but she’s not having them every day so I don’t mind. The other bits though, they are family favourites. We always have frozen fish in (more on that later) so the mushy peas is for a lazy fish and chips night. The tinned tomatoes and beans are usually there for a quick and easy pasta sauce. Should the need arise and the tuna is a staple all the time for sandwiches, wraps and a quick tuna pasta bake – yummy.

Dried food cupboard items

As mentioned above, tuna pasta bake is one of our favourite family recipes. So of course Pasta is at the top of the list for our dried store cupboard essentials food! In addition I’ve recently started ensuring there are some boil in the bag rices in the cupboard and microwave rice options for Spike. She loves the VeeTee sticky rice on its own as a quick meal, which is great because it comes as two portions which can easily be microwaved as 1 and the other half saved for another day. She will never say no to plain pasta either!
We also always have the following spices in the cupboard too, to add a bit of flavour to any meal:

  • basil
  • oregano
  • thyme
  • paprika

And of course salt and pepper! Cant beat that for your scrambled eggs on toast that weren’t planned in but seem like a great idea on a Saturday morning.

Plus, biscuits! All the biscuits. Spike is like me and needs something sweet after her savoury. I try and go for biscuits for her which I can usually get away with one or two of rather than something major. But she’s partial to an ice cream too!

Fridge and freezer food

Many kitchen cupboard essentials posts don’t cover the fridge and freezer because obviously they aren’t cupboards. But I thought I would include them on mine as it might help others think about food prep in this way. of course, it is worth noting that the fridge stuff rarely has a long date on it so you can’t store it in the same way. As standard my fridge contains mostly snacky food, fruit and the meat for meals. Snacky food that I have a constant supply of includes:

  • individual cheeses – Babybel etc
  • frankfurters – Spike’s favourite snack items
  • eggs – so easy to have in so you can whip something together if needed at the last minute

Our freezer has things in that can be kept for quite a while and I keep it in supply of frozen chicken because its easier for me to buy chicken in bulk. We also also have frozen sausages, fish fingers, hash browns, mixed veg packs, frozen fish and chips. A lot of this again is easy stuff for Spike if she won’t eat what I have planned for our tea. But some of it just makes life easier for me. With frozen sausages, chips and eggs in there’s an easy “throw in the oven after a bad day” meal. And of course, ice cream… every freezer needs ice-cream!

What are your kitchen cupboard essentials? Is there anything your family could not live without?

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