Blog title image with caption Our First Month in Lockdown, Homeschooling, Easter Eggs and more with two images either side of text, one is Spike cutting out shapes for her homeschooling and the other is our wall mural lockdown project
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Our first month in lockdown – Homeschooling, Easter Eggs and more

So we’ve come through the other side of the first month in lockdown. How did your April go? Ours was a strange one like many will have been, but I thought I’d share a little about it…

Our lockdown life

To give a little background, we are homeschool Spike. My stepson stayed in his uni rental when uni closure was announced instead of coming home. So its just me, Spike and T. I have been furloughed as my company’s business, a holiday park, cannot operate. But T is still working, full time, from home. 


Homeschool is going ok. Spike is only in Reception so while it’s been a massive disruption to her first year of her school career, there’s not a whole lot of work she’s missing out on. We are sent Maths, Phonics, and ‘Other EYFS’ curriculum activities each day but they dont take look to complete. We’re reading a lot and I’m trying to initiate conversations about the world, animals and other things i know she’ll like. There were so many days in April when Spike didn’t want to work and although I kept up a schedule for the Easter Holidays, we didn’t stick to it religiously.

Life at a slower pace 

One of the things we’ve all done is sat back to enjoy life at a slower pace. We spent hours in the garden when the weather was nice. We built a trampoline and although it involved a lot of swearing, it was great to see Spike’s excitement building as it neared completion. Spike and I don’t get dressed til just before 9am most days and we just take our time with the schedule we have that day. Everything is taking longer but between waking and 5pm, I don’t really care too much. 

Grateful for the weather 

Thankfully the weather in April here was amazing. We enjoyed the garden a lot. I even managed to get a bit of a tan! We went on long walks and we just chilled out.  Our daily exercise has also involved Spike’s bike. I’ve been wanting to get her more confident on it for a while so its worked out quite well to teach her how to ride properly. Towards the end of the month the rain started, but that brought puddle splashing and ‘rain dances’ so even then Spike enjoyed herself.

Our lockdown project 

Halfway through the month I realised that it would be easier to get through lockdown if we had a project to work on. When I saw the Born to Be Wild Child wall murals I knew they’d be perfect. They are a 6 foot wide wall poster, which you colour in yourself. We got the mixed one, which has dinosaurs, castles, unicorns and more on and its amazing. Spike and I are enjoying colouring it in – me mostly but never mind! I think it’ll make a really good keepsake for her from our time spent in the house and hopefully she’ll look at it and be reminded of the fun we had colouring it in during those months when it was just the two of us. 

Easter Egg fun

Of course Easter was a little strange for us. We always use the weekend to do something fun as a family, going on long walks in the lakes, going to museums, visiting family, exploring other cities. And we couldn’t this year. Instead I made up an Easter Egg Hunt and we chilled out in front of the tele watching movies on Easter Sunday. It wasn’t our action packed weekend that we’d usually have – but Spike declared it the best Easter ever. 

Lockdown affecting sleep 

Lockdown had a negative impact on our sleep patterns for the first few weeks and that has lasted with Spike. Me and T weren’t sleeping great, but thats an understatement from what Spike has been going through the last week of April. We’re combatting a resurrected fear of the dark and a few nights of sleep refusal. And thats difficult for us all. But I guess its Spike’s way of getting her feelings about lockdown out. 

Learning to be more patient

I am not cut out for the full time mum, stay at home life. I have always known this. There have been times when I have lost it with Spike. Her attitude lately has been questionable and the lack of sleep gets to me a lot. I hate being a shouty mum… but I am one. It’s my default. And I feel guilty every time. I’ve been trying to be more patient and forcing Spike to play along when I know I need some away time, because I know that balances me back out before I start getting shouty. 

How did your first month of lockdown go? I fear we’ve got a far journey to go before this is all over and I expect that we’ll be celebrating Spike’s birthday in lockdown at the end of May. But with a blog to write, school to teach and a course to complete – I’m sure going to make the most of it on the days I can – and snuggle with Spike on the days we just want to relax.