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Our friend Iggle Piggle! – An In The Night Garden Live review

Spike loved In the Night Garden until recently. She used to watch it with awe then slowly started going off it. Now Peppa Pig and Bing are more likely to get a look in, but I wanted her to experience the In the Night Garden Live show one last time because I think its good to take kids to live experiences as much as possible.

Spike’s reaction to knowing the live show was on.

Despite not being as enamoured with the show anymore, Spike still recognises the characters like friends. When I told her where we were going she cheered and asked if our friend Iggle Piggle would be there. Then Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka. She was overjoyed when I confirmed they would be and started asking more questions.

Getting to the Showdome

We knew from last year that the Showdome would be busy, and that the Trafford Centre would be super busy. The day was drizzly and miserable which makes people flock to the shopping centre more than ever. We ended up parking close to the Showdome because of the amount of people parked at the centre. As we were an hour early we just headed to the shops for a mooch then walked back to the Showdome down the magical path full of other adults with mesmerised kids.

Inside the Showdome

Things were a lot less busy this year than last. There was hardly any queues and we were sat down within minutes. The magical entrance with its fairy lights was made even more magical with moving walls from the wind but Spike wasn’t bothered by that, she could hear the music from the show and she wanted to see where it was coming from!
We headed into the seating area and found a couple of friends, Spike’s friend A was there with his mum and dad but she was too busy looking at the moving pictures on the walls to even say hello. The countdown had begun with 15 minutes to show time and she loved that she could hear the narrator from the show.

The Ninky Nonk Show

The Ninky Nonk show this year (I’m not sure if they change it every year) was all about Iggle Piggle’s lost blanket. It focussed on the two main characters a lot with very little Makka Pakka and the Tomliboos but Spike still seemed to enjoy it. She really enjoyed it when the Ninky Nonk came out and made its way around the stage and asked if she could go on it… then declared that it was too small for me so I couldn’t go on it. I think the magicness of the Ninky Nonk has been lost on her as she doesn’t realise that Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy are too big too!

During the show – Spike’s Reaction

Spike seemed to really enjoy the show a lot more this year. She was more interactive with it and just seemed a lot more drawn to what was going on this year than last. She waved at the characters which was really cute and danced a long a bit. That was until she realised we were with her friends, then her attention was caught elsewhere. But the thing I love about taking the kids to shows like this is people don’t mind. Her other friend was shouting the names of the characters really loud and the other parents weren’t bothered, I thought it was adorable that he was so into it. The show is without a doubt for the kids to enjoy and no one minds if they are being a bit excitable or loud whilst watching – they are having fun!

After the Show

This years show wasn’t as busy as last years which meant the arena cleared quickly and there were fewer queues for the merchandise. Again the merch wasn’t badly priced with most things coming up the price you’d get them online or in the shops. The Pinky Ponk toy seemed to be going down a treat with Spike’s friends who got goody bags and those bags had loads in them! We didn’t get Spike one – mainly because I forgot to order one but they had books, DVDs a puzzle, teddy and light up windmill in them, not to mention a drinking bottle and a magazine! The souvenir guide you get with your ticket was enough for Spike and she couldn’t wait to read it!

Tickets for the show

Tickets for In the Night Garden Live were pretty reasonably priced and there are quite often discount code available online. As I mentioned the show wasn’t busy this time round and although there will be days that are busier there are still tickets left for Manchester’s shows which run until August 19th on the website here.

This year will definitely be our last for In the Night Garden as Spike has all but grown out of it. There were kids there around 4 or 5 though so don’t think that’s an indication of the show – its just Spike’s preference. I think its definitely not our last live show though as Spike loves to see everything come to life. Next up… Disney on Ice!