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Our July in Pictures

Last month I thought Lockdown had gone quick. It’s nothing compared to how fast the last two weeks had gone. I’m back at work, Spike is back at kids club. It seems like two minutes ago when I was collecting our June pictures together. July just wizzed by.

July 2020

We managed to fit a fair bit into July. Visiting friends. Spending some time in a coffee shop. Climbing a big hill. paddling in rivers. Visiting one of our favourite day out locations in Cumbria, Lowther Castle. We had a week where my sister stayed to look after Spike while I worked so she got to explore amazing trees. Plus I had a great blogger event with Moonpig at the end of the month. It’s been a whirlwind but a fun one. We also had a visit from Spike’s big brother which she was so happy about!

Spike’s day trips without mummy

During the middle of the month Spike had 5 days where I worked and she was looked after by her Auntie K and Daddy. The first day she visited Preston by train and enjoyed a picnic in Avenham park. The next Spike got to look at the amazing gardens at Levens Hall. The trees are like works of art! Then she spent the whole day playing games and playing out on our estate while Auntie K reset her energy! Finally they went in Lancaster and Spike showed her the sights here and picked up her new favourite thing – a globe! Finally Auntie K went home and daddy took over for a day, taking her to Morecambe so they could enjoy ice cream and the sand in the sunshine.

Mummy and daddy’s night out

We made the most of having Auntie K at home by going out for a meal at one of our local restaurants mid July. It was so nice and they had everything set up so we felt so safe being there. Thanks The Brasserie for having us!

Lowther Castle

I’ve spoken before about how much I love Lowther Castle and its beautiful grounds. So its no wonder it was one of the first days out we planned when places started to reopen. Just take a look at it in all its glory.

August and what we have planned

It’s my birthday in August so Im hoping we’ll get a couple of great days for that. The weathers good for the start of it and I’m back at hoop… so expect the aerial fitness spam to start again! I’m so excited about being back in that hoop! What have you got planned for August?