Our June 2020 in pictures blog graphic with blog title and two images. First shows a 5 year old blonde girl with her arms outsretched under a canopy of trees in the woods, the second shows the same girl painting a money box shaped like a cat.
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Our June in pictures

I think time sped up when lockdown begun. Do you agree? I can’t believe we’re at the end of June. But with lockdown no on the wind down and me facing the prospect of returning to work, I thought I might start reflecting on our months.

June 2020

June was a lot of the same as previous months. We worked on our lockdown project a little. Spike started playing with some friends on our estate and because social bubbles are a thing we got a visit in with Auntie K and a socially distanced garden day with grandma.

Natures playground

We have made the most of the slow pace and the gorgeous surroundings we have here. Finding plenty of places for Spike to run free and enjoy while the playgrounds are closed has been great. Our favourite walk was definitely the walk in the woods we found near Caton in Lancashire. She’s always been happy to enjoy the great outdoors but lately she’s even happier and has been spending a lot of time out in the garden as well as enjoying planned walks.

Back to school and July

The very end of June has seen the return of school for Spike, just for a couple of days a week. And July is likely to see my return to work. So our adventures may be reduced. But just from looking at the thousands of photos I’ve taken during lockdown I know which elements we’ll be carrying on!