Blog graphic with title - our plans for summer 2020 with two images of Spike a 5 year old girl with blonde hair. First image Spike is looking away from the camera looking at a water feature at Haigh Hall Country Park and the second she is posing for the camera in a floppy sun hat and 70s style top with flower on in front of a river in the sunshine
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Our plans for Summer 2020 – What we’ll be doing during Spike’s first summer holidays

Summer 2020 was meant to be Spike’s first proper ‘summer holidays’. With me and T both working full time we arranged a week at Spike’s aunty’s for her, and a week off work together for a holiday. With the rest of the summer spent at kids club for Spike. But of course, because of Covid-19, things were a little up in the air. Now though, it seems to have settled and as long as a second wave doesn’t arrive we’ve got things sorted – though they have changed.

Working full time in school holidays

We always knew that having full time, 9-5 jobs meant that some of the summer would be spent in childcare for Spike. She’s always been in nursery throughout the summer and we figured it wouldn’t be much different for her this year. Thankfully Spike’s kids club can reopen and offer childcare. So she is back there from week 2 of the summer holidays. T doesn’t work bank holidays like I do. So he takes care of her August bank holiday and his work have given him an extra this year too.

Quality time with Aunty K

Because Aunty K is in our social bubble, she can come and stay with us no problem. It was our plan to drop Spike off with her for the week pre-lockdown. But with everything thats gone on she’s now coming to us instead. Spike is really excited about the prospect of a week with her favourite Aunty. I’m not sure what their plans are but thanks to a crafty friend who kindly sent us some polymer clay, that is on the agenda! Im back to work that week so its just the two of them for it.

Our planned week away

Unfortunately we planned to go away for week 3 of the holidays. But with me only going back to work at the start of the summer we can no longer do it. I’m working all but the Friday of that week – which is my birthday. So T will be filling the week with lots of daddy daughter days. We’re hoping to maybe go away for a weekend at some point over the summer instead but with all the staycation spots filling up fast – who knows if we can! I’d love to maybe head to Bluestone or somewhere near Whitby for the weekend. Maybe we could try an air B&B or something, I think Spike would love that for a change from our usual caravan adventures.

Birthday day out

I vow never to work my birthday if I can help it so I have my birthday off work. We usually spend the day as a family on a day out and I’m really hoping that this year it can be spent at Chester Zoo. Its one of the places Spike asked to go to so much during lockdown and I love it there too. We’re also hoping to visit Lowther Castle again as I loved it when we spent my birthday there a couple of years ago.

Summer weekends

Now that things have opened up a bit we’ll be making the most of our weekends like we used to. Like I say, Lowther Castle is on the list. I also want to go and explore Arnside and that area. There’s a few National Trust sites I want to explore and we’ve been considering a visit to Gullivers World or Alton Towers for a while so maybe we’ll go there. It would be nice to go back to Lytham St Anne’s at some point too, as we love the beach there. Lets hope the weather matches the season!

Your summer plans

Has Covid-19 affected your summer 2020 plans? What do you usually do for the school summer holidays? As I say its our first and working full time does make it a little difficult to have much time off but I want some inspiration for next year for sure!