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Our Post-Lockdown Wishlist – Days out and things Spike is looking forward to when we can start the new normal

Early on in Lockdown Spike was asking a lot of questions about the things that we could not do. It was devastating to hear her ask to visit people, see friends and go on her favourite days out and have to say no. While the questions have stopped, the wishing has started. Spike refers to the lockdown period we are in as the ‘Nasty Bug Days’. She often wishes to do things as soon as these days are over. I have told her we’ll keep a list of all the things she wants to do and try and get to them as soon as we can. Here’s just a few of our post lockdown Wishlist items…

Visiting family and friends

This one was what was most asked for early on and is still requested now. It’s got a little better since lockdown restrictions were loosened. We have managed to meet up with Aunty K for a socially distanced walk in a quiet part of the Lake District, just half an hour or so from home. We also had a visit from Grandma on Spike’s birthday which involved a lot of presents. So for now this has been asked for a little less. She hasn’t seen my mum in a few months, or my dad, so they are the ones she’s asking for. As soon as we’re able to we will likely go and see them. Its a little over an hour to my mums house so if we get decent weather the option for going and sitting in the garden is there. It’s just what to do about the toilet…

Chester Zoo

Spike loves animals. We had a visit to the South Lakes Safari Zoo in February. Usually that would have kept her happy for a while. But she recognised Chester Zoo from their live videos on Facebook. Then we showed her photos of the day we spent there for her 3rd birthday. Now its the most common day out she’s asking about. With the news last week that Chester Zoo are severely struggling and might not survive this pandemic, this Wishlist item is most important to us. We’ve donated to their JustGiving page and signed every petition we can. Lets hope that we can revisit one of our favourite zoos soon!

Go to a theme park

Last year, for Spike’s end of nursery day out, we went to Gulliver’s World and Spike had so much fun. She remembered the rides and the day spent in the sun with her friend and asked if we could go back. She’s not fussed about which theme park to go to. I told her there are a few and she said she’d like to try out others too. We were planning a trip to Disneyland Paris in October but that’s likely not to happen now. It’s gutting because after the conversations we’ve been having about theme parks I know she would have loved it.

Go to a ‘Vinnie park’

Spike has never known holidays abroad and to be honest if it wasn’t for my work, she wouldn’t have known as many in the UK as she has done. I work for a holiday park company and our mascot is Vinnie the Fox. She associates the parks with Vinnie himself and called all of them Vinnie Parks. She keeps asking when she’s going to get to go back to the caravans and see him. It’s so cute. I think her favourite so far has been Pease Bay. If we can, we’ll be going there again in the summer. Hopefully when they can open, the nearby attractions can too so we can have fun days out while away.


One of the things I’ve passed down to Spike is the love of book shopping and browsing. We love nothing more than heading to Waterstones or our favourite indies to get that bookshop smell and check out the new releases. We love to pick up a new book and add others to our to buy lists. This year I was going to try and get her to author and illustrator talks too. But it’s unlikely that’s going to happen.

Get back to swimming lessons

This one came as a shock to me because it was starting to get increasingly difficult to get Spike to get ready for her swimming lessons and join in with them. T took her to them and said she barely joined in with some of the stuff they did. She hated getting her face wet and was only just joining in with them dipping her head underwater when the leisure centre closed. However, she’s asked a few times when she can go back to swimming. Apparently she’s missing it. We’ll see what happens when she can go again!

No more homeschool

This is high on the request list at the minute. Spike is not impressed with homeschool at the minute. It keeps ending in tears whenever we try and do any. Mostly mine. So we haven’t been doing a lot. But in between the whinging and whining about it, she’s constantly asking when she can go back to real school. I think it’s a combination of not liking being taught by me and missing interaction with other children. Her school is far from letting her year back, despite Reception being one of the years the government want to send back. So I think we’re going to have this one for quite a while. It wouldn’t surprise me if we get to all the other things before she goes back.

My personal lockdown Wishlist

I want a lot of the same things as Spike. I’m missing my friends and family. I want to go back to work. A holiday sounds amazing right now and I want to get back to aerial hoop. And of course, a trip to Storytellers would make my day right now. Days out in St Anne’s aren’t as good when you can’t go there. I am also craving a trip to a coffee shop, alone, with my book and laptop.

What are you looking forward to when the new normal eventually starts? Any days out your little ones are asking for?

An image of Spike at 3 years old stood in front of an artwork showing a pair of wings at Chester Zoo on a day out.