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Our September in Pictures

September went by in a flash. Mainly because all of a sudden I went from spending all my time job searching, to being offered a fantastic new position. Then obviously working my contract in my old place! I managed to squeeze in some awesome days out in-between all the days working though, including a few ‘me’ events without Spike! Shocker!

Being back at school

Obviously September saw Spike back at school after the longest break ever. She did two random days back in July but other than that hadn’t been in school uniform since March. It went ok and we haven’t had too many tantrums or upsets. She has been a bit of a nightmare with her attitude and tiredness but its all about the changing of routines I think. Spike managed to whack her eye on a bench in the playground within a week or so of being back, so she’s landed in Year 1 with a bang! I’m a bit tired of her coming home so dishevelled to be honest!

Septembers ‘Me time’ featuring Alpacaly Ever After, Cloud Aerial Arts and a dinner date with the Mr

I had a random day booked off work for my car service which allowed me to drop Spike off at school and pick her up, a real luxury! That weekend me and my sister headed up to Whinlatter Forest in Keswick to go on an alpaca walk with Alpacaly Ever After. This was such an awesome experience and I plan on writing a post all about it, but for now I’ll just leave you with how cute the alpaca’s are! At the end of the month I had 2 days off between jobs and squeezed in a private session at Cloud Aerial Arts in Manchester followed by Krispy Kreme with some friends, then me and T had a lunch date at the fantastic Journey Social, again I massively recommend!

Enjoying the last of the summer sun on family days out

We’re kinda living every weekend like its our last sunny one at the minute. Heading out for great days out if the suns shining. We kicked the month off with a trip to Beacon Fell with Spike’s friend A. Then I combined my Alpaca walk with my sister with a Gruffalo hunt at Whinlatter with Spike and T. We headed to Heysham for the first time since moving to Lancaster and discovered some amazing views across the bay. And we headed all the way to Formby for one final afternoon on the beach before the autumn really kicks in. I love Formby, its such a stunning beach and so much fun in the sand dunes.

The quiet family days

We also spent a few days at home, or doing nothing too exciting, just trips to the local park. And a visit to T’s sisters where we borrowed her dog for a walk in the park!

October should be a quiet month. We can’t visit friends or family in their houses so there won’t be much of that going on. Damn local lockdowns. But we might be going away for a few days towards the end of the month.