Our Summer Holiday 2021 Plans Blog Graphic with two images of Spike, a blonde haired, brown eyed 6 year old. The first she is holiding a Lancaster BID balloon and showing off a tattoo of Ariel from The Little Mermaid and the second she is stood under the fountain at Williamson's Park in Lancaster, pretending the water is spraying out of her mouth
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Better Late Than Never – Our Summer Holiday 2021 Plans

It may be week 5 of the 6 week summer holidays, but a lack of childcare and annual leave means that our summer is only just beginning. We are going to make the most of it though!

Spike has been at kids club for most of summer, with a day a week at home while we work. While we’re in the fortunate position to do that, its been pretty boring for her. So with our annual leave about to begin, we have some amazing days out planned. And I thought I’d share them with you!

Summer Holidays on a Budget

We were planning on potentially going away with T’s family for our annual leave. However the cost of UK breaks this year are pretty steep and we just couldn’t justify it. We’ve recently had some unexpected costs so we have decided to stay at home. That way we can make the most of whats on our doorstep. Summer holidays can be enjoyed on a budget and I’m planning on proving that.

Cheap Day Trip number 1: City trips

With great locations nearby and cities and towns that are hosting events purely to keep the kids entertained, we’re pretty lucky. First on our Summer Holidays Day Trip Itinerary is Blackburn this weekend. We’re heading to the Blackburn BID’s Brickosaurs trail to see how many dinosaurs we can spot! We went in 2019 when the trail was full of paw patrol characters and it was so much fun. Following that we are also visiting the Festival of Making Architects of Air Luminarium which looks incredible.
Blackburn is around 40 minutes away, the Brickosaurs trail is free and the Luminarium tickets cost around £10 for our family. We’ll take lunch so we’re looking at around £20 for the full day!
Also Lancaster BID are doing weekly Summer in the city style days on a Saturday. These look cute, we’ll probably head into town to take part in the mini golf and events there one of the weekends. We were lucky enough to get to the Witches and Wizards even they did last weekend and Spike loved that!

Cheap Day Trip number 2: Lake District

We’re also really lucky to have the Lake District on our doorstep. There are many things that aren’t cheap about the Lakes and one is accommodation. So I know this isn’t viable if you aren’t close enough. Next week we’re planning on heading up to Wast Water to visit a friend who has just opened up a paddle board hire business up there. Again, we’ll be taking lunch so the only cost is the petrol and the paddle board hire. But the Lake District can be cheap if you are nearby and enjoy getting out and about. We often go for the day and only spend our petrol getting there. Then we just enjoy the walking routes around the various hills and lakes.

Not So Cheap Day Out: Gulliver’s World

Spike had been asking about going back to Gullivers World for a while now. We went in 2019 with her nursery as a final day trip before she ‘graduated’ and she loved it. She’s probably looking back with rose tinted glasses as it was a gorgeous day. Plus, it was a school day in early July so there were no queues! But I’ve managed to save a little bit of money with her not having to go to Kids Club full time this summer…. so we’re using that as a splurge day out fund!
To be fair, it is a fun theme park thats perfectly sized for such a little person. I think we’ll enjoy ourselves and it might put T’s begging of going to Alton Towers with Spike a rest for a while, as I don’t think she’ll enjoy the bigger rides quite yet!

Cheap Day Out: The Beach

When I asked Spike what she wanted to do with our days off, the second thing she asked for (after Gulliver’s World) was a trip to the beach to get an ice cream. With Lancaster in close proximity to Morecambe Bay and Blackpool, we really have no excuse not to visit the beach if the weather is nice. Our go-to is usually Lytham St Anne’s. However, I always end up spending a fortune in Storyteller’s if we go there so it won’t be cheap! We’re not planning on going out every day of our ten days annual leave so we’ll likely just go to Morecambe for a walk down the prom and a play on the beach.

Catching up with old friends

Since moving, we’re missing our regular meet ups with Spike’s baby friends. The once we made at baby group and their new siblings who have come along since. Obviously Covid has gotten in the way a bit too, so we’ve earmarked a day to see them. We’re not sure what the plans are yet but summer is definitely the time you should use to catch up with your friends! I can’t wait to see them all playing again!

It’s not over in August though

We’re pushing our summer of fun back into September too. Spike’s back at school on the 2nd but on the 5th we’ll be heading up to Williamson’s Park for The Big Family Day Out. Linked to the Highest Point festival, this family festival day is so much fun. We loved it back in 2017 when we first went. And now we’ve moved to the city it’s only right we’re there again this year. 2020’s even got cancelled because of Covid and I’m still sad about it now. I can’t wait.

Our Summer Holiday Plans

Our plans may not be super exciting. Or involve many picture perfect Instagram worthy shots. But we’re going to make the most of it. Fun summer holidays on a budget are possibility, but they are made much easier by our amazing location. I know if you’re in a bigger city centre location a bit further from the coast then it would be much harder. I recommend checking out what your local area BID are doing. Newcastle’s Summer In The City looks awesome and the Birmingham Weekender is not one to be missed if you’re local!