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    Parenthood: Summed up in one image

    Usually, I’m not usually one for airing my dirty laundry in public. However, as I wandered down my stairs last night I had to chuckle. I had to take a picture because this image, to me, sums up parenthood perfectly. There’s the baby monitor, to listen out for Spike stirring. Then we have the just finished empty bottle that allowed me to get her to sleep. And a book, but we’ll come to that later. All propped on top of a basket full of washing. Chores The basket full of washing is the most important element of this. Because what is parenthood without the never ending cycle of washing that…

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    My Sunday Photo

    My Sunday Photo 15/01/17

    There’s something to be said for lazy Sunday afternoons spent at home. Especially when you get a Sunday Photo like this! We usually do something, even if its just nip into town, on both days at the weekend. There we make sure that we stop off at a play centre or the park for Spike. This week though we’ve done nothing. She was at Diddikicks yesterday then I had a girly afternoon out and today we couldn’t agree on what to do, so we stayed in. I loved it though. Getting to see her play with toys she got for Christmas that she hasn’t really played with yet. Picking up on…

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    Christmas and New Year

    Spike’s Christmas Wardrobe

    Better late than never… Last Christmas when Spike was teeny tiny, I dressed her up in all sorts for her Christmas wardrobe. I embraced the elf outfits and Santa bodysuits and basically abused her for photos that she’d look cute in. I tried that again this year but the adorable yet hideous outfits were all either too frilly or too small! Instead we made do with fun, funky Christmas themed tops, and the occasional legging or two! Most of this years Christmas Wardrobe came from the boys section – you’ll be shocked to learn! There were too many frills and too many non Christmas-y stuff in the girls section for my…

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    18 Months on…An update on my not-so baby

    My little Spike actually turned 19 months old last week. But this post will be about everything special about her during December and since she turned 18 months old. I never thought it was possible to love someone as much as I do my Spike. Since she was born that love has grown from day to day but I think over the last month its growing stronger. Since she turned 18 months old in November I have seen such a change in her. She really is no longer a baby, she’s a toddler now, and you can tell. There are good things and and with this. The good come in many…

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    My big quiz of the year 

    I’ve been tagged by Kelly from Nature Mum Blog… to answer some questions about 2016 and my hopes for 2017. What was your highlight of 2016? I think going to Blackpool Zoo with my partner and Spike was the highlight. I loved watching her experience all the animals, many she had never seen before.  Name one thing you are likely to remember about 2016 if asked in five years time? My career change and the experiences I had when I tried to return to work after maternity leave, working 2 part time jobs and landing my dream job.  Sum up 2016 in one word. Tiring.  Name one pearl of wisdom from…

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    Christmas and New Year


    For many 2016 has seemed like an awful year. There have been so many celebrity deaths (not going to lie, the only one I really cared about was my beloved Snape, RIP Alan Rickman) and disasters in the form of Brexit and the American Election result. I am not a fan of Brexit though to be honest as we’re saving for a house and it might mean house prices fall in 2 years time it might work in my favour. And don’t get me started on Trump…. For the Hatchling household personally 2016 hasn’t been bad. There have been serious ups and downs from being screwed after my maternity leave…

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    Christmas and New Year

    And its over…

    Christmas 2016 is done! Spike had loads of fun, loves every gift and Santa needs a change of address notice if the car on the way back from my parents was anything to go by! It was hectic but it was amazing and I had so much fun too. The festivities began on Christmas Eve when we went to Spike’s Grandma’s to watch her cousins open their gifts. Spike was given a few teddies there and got a Makka Pakka toy from her Auntie Sam. She loved that and the giant teddy bear the most! Christmas Day was amazing. She was so good! She got a little overwhelmed by the…

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    The Christmas Tag 2016

    I was tagged by Amy from The Smallest of Things to join in with the Christmas Tag! What’s your favourite Christmas movie? Its all about Miracle of 34th Street for me… andLove Actually, Elf, and Home Alone, and Polar Express… I ave a few Christmas Movie Faves Have you ever had a white Christmas? I vaguely remember one from when I was little… Where do you usually spend your holiday? We go to T’s mums Christmas Eve to see his sister and our nephews. Then we go home, go back on Christmas Day for Christmas Dinner then back home for the night. Then we go to my parents on Boxing Day and spend…

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    Baby,  Christmas and New Year

    Getting into the Christmas Spirit

    So when I wrote my Christmas Checklist I was very behind on the whole thing. I hadn’t bought most the gifts I needed to buy and I wasn’t getting far on cleaning or anything really. I wanted to start getting into the Christmas Spirit so I started really trying. Its currently 5 days before Christmas. Christmas day is this week. And I am not feeling Christmassy at all! We went to Tatton Park’s Roald Dahl Gloriumptious Christmas Mansion which you can read about here. It was magical and I loved being there and seeing it all, and so did Spike. We then went to Breakfast with Santa at Avant Garden Centre…

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    Christmas and New Year

    My Christmas Checklist

    My Christmas 2017 was going to be the best yet. Organisation and budget planning were planned and I was going to be prepared. My checklist went a little something like this: Buy all presents by November 30th Clean the house from top to bottom Have a clear list in my head for things I want for the inevitable “What do you want this year?” questions from family Decorate with Spike around and clearly explain there is no touching the tree. Reinforce this. Enjoy the festivities and keep calm! Nothing was gunna stop me, except everything. November seemed to disappear into a pile of dust, sleepless nights, work and parents evenings. Preparation…