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    Our first Parents Evening

    Parent’s Evening. talk about words that conjured up fear in me as a child! Now I’m an adult I had almost forgotten the sense of foreboding that came over me when they were uttered in my teen years. Until now. I didn’t realise that our first Parent’s Evening would come so soon. Assuming it would be around the 5 year mark I thought I had ages. I also thought it would involve looking at a load of hand paintings and talking about the next school trip. How wrong was I? Nursery does Parent’s Evening, at least once every 6 months apparently. And Spike’s first was last week. That sense of…

  • highchairs-tried-and-tested-readaraptor-hatchling

    Highchairs – tried and tested

    Spike is nearly 18 months old now and during that time she’s been in numerous different highchairs. We’ve had two at home, we’ve got another at T’s mums, and she’s sat in countless ones in cafes and restaurants. So I thought I’d share my two pence worth on what works best for us. Along with which ones I’d recommend the most for everyone. Like I say, we’ve had two at home. The first my Dad bought me when I was pregnant. It was the Ickle Bubba Orb, it was to match the Ickle Bubba Stomp pushchair we had. I kept it in its box until Spike was 4 or 5 months then…

  • three-in-the-bed-readaraptor-hatchling

    Three in the bed…

    Since I posted last things have gone from bad to worse. Spike was sleeping through until 4am, in her own bed, but then refusing to sleep again. I suppose I should be grateful that she’s now sleeping until nearly 7am… however that’s in our bed, with breaks. The biggest break comes at around 1am when she wakes up and refuses point blank to go back to sleep until she’s in bed with us. I’m not sure if its because she’s cold or just lonely but she wants to be there, in between me and T, starfished so we’re hanging off the edge of the bed! In fact it might be…

  • that-damn-hour-readaraptor-hatchling-daylight-savings-time

    That bloody hour….

    I always thought that the jokes I’d see about parents having to ignore the ‘extra’ hour was just humour. Then that ‘extra’ hour struck in the Readaraptor household. My word. I don’t know how anyone copes with this. Its a nightmare! Spike was waking at 5am on the dot every day until Sunday… Her body clock obviously thought that it was 5am, because its right and it technically was, however it was actually 4am. T got up with her as I’d been at work the Saturday night, then woke me at 8am and what followed was hell on earth. Spike was a devil child all day. Crying an hour before her…

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    Days out

    We went for a #WalkWithWynsors!

    On Saturday 15th October Me, Spike and T donned our wellies and went for a special walk. It was a #WalkWithWynsors, as in Wynsors World of Shoes, and it was awesome. Taking place at one of my all time favourite places, this was Wynsors 2nd walking event. We met at Brockholes Conference Centre (Brockholes being the nature reserve where my baby shower was!) and went on a short walk round the reserve. We only really saw a small part of the reserve but I loved being out and about, and so did Spike! I donned some very sexy brand new BOGS wellies that were sent to me from BOGS/Wynsors. They were bright red…

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    #Blogtober16 Place I’d most like to visit

    This is another thing that changes on an almost daily basis. It depends on the mood I’m in and who I’ve been speaking to as to where I most want to visit. Therefore I’m going to share with you a few of the places I most want to visit right now. Iceland I really want to see the Northern Lights and I think the best place to do it will be Iceland. I also love the idea of visiting somewhere a bit more obscure and seeing things like geysers and the awesome waterfalls they have. Disneyland Paris I’ve been to Paris but I really want to satisfy my inner child and…

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    #Blogtober16 Top 10 all time favourite songs

    HAHAHA ok so this is going to be REALLY hard, but I’m willing to give it a go! I go through phases of loving music then not getting chance to listen to music and at the min its the latter. Also, I’m really our of the loop when it comes to music so a lot of my choices are really old now! But here goes: Sic Transit Gloria (Glory Fades) by Brand New Dance Floor Anthem by Good Charlotte Bend Your Arms to Look Like Wings by Funeral For A Friend Mona Lisa (When the World Comes Down) by All American Rejects Emmylou by First Aid Kit Knocked Up by…

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    #Blogtober16 What superpower would I love to have

    I know exactly what my superpower would be if I could choose one to have; the ability to be in two places at once! I would use it for selfish means. It would enable me to be both at work and at home with Spike. Being in two places at once would mean I can go out with workmates for Cocktails and still spend time with her and her dad. I would probably do some good out of it, maybe put Spike in nursery two days a week and volunteer or something those two days. But other than that, its pure selfishness. What would yours be?

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    #Blogtober16 My Disney character

    I’m a pretty big Disney Fan so when I saw this I thought I best get it right! The Disney Character I most identify with would have to be the two above; Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Merida from Brave. Both these women seem determined to be themselves and not conform in any way, which I can definitely resonate with. Unfortunately Belle gives her determination up when she falls for a man just a few days after being kidnapped by him. However she does get to the bottom of whats happened with her determination too! She’s also got an obsession with books like me! I like to think…

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    #Blogtober16 My favourite time of year

    My favourite time of the year has to be the bit we’re currently experiencing. I love Autumn, from the crunching of leaves under my feet to the gathering of scarves and boots. That feeling of settling in for the winter cannot be beaten, nor the long walks in the mild weather. I went for a walk down a canal yesterday with my friends, all of us in various states of dress because we all feel the temperature differently. But it was possible because it wasn’t cold enough for any of us to be freezing yet. There’s no fear of snow yet either, which I hate pushing a pram through! I love the darker nights…