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Parents night off; Leeds, a band no-one has ever heard of and an interesting hotel stay

Parents-Night-Off-readaraptor-hatchling-leeds-february-2017-blog-titleSo last month me and T took to the road for a rare parents night off. We’ve had a few of these since Spike was born but they are few and far between. They usually contain a quick journey into Preston for a meal and a couple of drinks then a decent nights sleep while her Grandma has to deal with her. This time though, things were a bit more special, and we went a little further… to Leeds, in fact.

I grew up in the North East so Leeds was always just down the road for me. This was even more so for the year I studied in York. In that year Leeds became the city that was a better night out and a first class train journey away because no conductor check the tickets of drunken idiots. I haven’t been for years but my best friend lives just outside the city with her husband and I’ve been wanting to return for ages. When it was announced that one of T’s favourite bands was playing in the city we knew a trip was on the cards. Especially as it was on his birthday, and they weren’t playing anywhere else!

Leeds city adventures

We got there early and checked into our hotel. Then we met with my best friend, Stef, and her husband and grabbed some lunch. We wandered a little and then found our way to the Roxy Ballrooms. There’s a reason we didn’t want to leave here… The cocktails were awesome, the music was even better, and the tipsy game of mini golf we got to play – while drinking more – was just the best!

I’d never heard of the place before but it is somewhere I’ll be seeking out more. Its a bar with ping pong, snooker and beer pong, and obviously mini golf too. The company also have Roxy Lanes in the city, a bowling alley and bar. Then they have a Roxy Ballroom in Manchester, Huddersfield, Nottingham and Liverpool too. I’d definitely recommend them if you like your music a little alternative and are looking for a good afternoon/evening with friends!

We left there after a few hours and tried to get into The Alchemist for tea, however we screwed up by not booking and ended up in Giraffe! Then we threw out all ideas for going back to the hotel to do ourselves up and trudged along to the gig in our scruffs to just have a dance.

A band few have heard of

The gig in question was that of a tiny four-piece instrumental band from Sheffield called 65DaysOfStatic. They recently became more popular because they did a soundtrack for a new video game. Other than video games fans though, few people I know have heard of them. This fact was solidified when I got to the venue to find it was the top floor of a bar. Oh, It’s been a while since I was at a bar gig… I loved it though and it took me right back to the uni days where I had more time to check out tiny bands in small venues. I also loved to hear, as the band came on stage, that we were at their first sold-out gig, obviously a massive milestone for them to hit and it made the atmosphere even better.

As I’m getting on a bit now I retired half way through the set and left the Mr in our prime position spot right at the front of the crowd. The band were incredible but they were still magical from the comfy sofas at the back of the room! Me and Stef hung around on the sofas listening to the awesome songs whilst the guys did their thing in the crowd… then we all went back to the hotel and were in bed for 12… rock n roll baby!

Our hotel on a budget

We did this whole night away thing on the cheap. We needed to because of the proximity of T’s birthday to Christmas and the fact we were skint. So we booked into the Ibis Hotel, at a cost of £28 for the night. It was cheap and it was cheerfull at first. The room wasn’t horrific and it was a lot nicer than I expected for the price. The staff were great and everything seemed fine. We went to bed and hoped for an uninterrupted night of sleep as we didn’t have Spike around.

Ahh, how wrong we were. There was a party going on in the apartments opposite which was loud. T got woken at 4 and we were both woken numerous times between 4 and 6, by people on our floor obviously having a party. They were loud and drunk and annoying.

We slept a little but got up early to get ready to leave just because we were awake. As we left we saw the destruction that was the hallway with beer bottles and ‘do not disturb’ signs everywhere. There was a girls sandal, and a pair of knickers laying in the middle of the floor. It was an interesting sight, made even better by, potentially, beer all over the floor of the lift.

In a way its our fault for booking a cheap hotel in the centre of Leeds. But I was slightly horrified. And the girl we passed who was going into the room where the party had obviously been looked horrified too. I think next time we’re gunna shell out a little more. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the hotel and it was more than ideal for most people… but not the thing we were hoping for…. I’d probably only chose it again for a mid-week work-related trip!

The day after our big night out

We grabbed a Weatherspoon’s breakfast. Then had a wander round the Corn Exchange where I fell in love with an amazing wallet. I gave our friends a massive hug and left Leeds to visit the beautiful Roundhay Park. We walked a short while, decided we missed out little girl, and drove home not being able to wait to see her. We got to T’s mums and what do you know… she blanked us like the stubborn little git she is! Wouldn’t change her for the world though!