watching tv streaming services and why they may be worse for demanding toddlers than I first thought

Peppa Pig on demand – the cons of streaming services

My toddler lounging on the sofa watching peppa pig and the downsides of tv streaming servicesI’ve written before about how I’m not ashamed that CBeebies determines our morning schedule. However lately it’s not had chance as Spike has started becoming aware of our ‘on demand’ streaming services.

Spike was once happy to just go through the CBeebies schedule. She didn’t have a second thought about what else she could watch. However she has now decided to start demanding what she wants to watch, and when.

Thanks to services like Netflix I was once able to stick Peppa Pig on when I needed twenty minutes of peace to write a post or do some housework without her under my feet. Now though I get the remote thrust into my face and she demands ‘Peppa Pig!” Followed oh so nicely by “Please, mummy?’

And saying ‘sorry sweetie, it’s not on at the minute’ doesn’t work. Because in her mind Peppa Pig is ready and waiting 24 hours a day if needed. She knows this because she’s watched it at all hours of the day!

I love streaming services, so much so that we didn’t have a TV Licence until last year because we managed solely on ‘non-live’ streaming services. However now I see the serious con of them. It’s great when they work to your advantage and you can catch up on the shows you might have missed while your toddler is having a meltdown. Or is not allowing you to leave their room at bedtime. Even when they are just around and its inappropriate to watch with them (looking at you Game Of Thrones). But the fact she understands, at two, what an on demand service means is scary to say the least.

Peppa Pig frequents the screen in our house thanks to on demand streaming services like NetflixSome may say its my fault for letting her watch the TV. She’s only recently got into it a lot to be honest, and I am thinking about starting to limit how much screen time she gets. But I got lots when I was little and I still love doing other things and haven’t completely screwed my eyesight up. She still loves going out and playing with other toys and books. It’s just her need for Peppa Pig is greater right now.

Lets hope that Netflix never removes it, otherwise I will cry! Also, those youtube channels dedicated to animations based around nursery rhymes… you are making a fortune from me. I swear if I have to put “Miss Polly Had a Dolly who was sick, sick, sick” on the TV one more time I’m gunna cry.

Do you have a toddler on demand too? I’d love to know if yours watches TV and demands her favourite shows.