Pictures in Puzzles – A George Luck Rainbow Rabbit Puzzle review

Picturesin-puzzles-George-Luck-Rainbow-Rabbit-Puzzle-readaraptor-hatchlingSpike adores rabbits. Toys, rabbits in books, and the few she has seen out and about – or at the ‘free zoo’ Pets at Home. She loves them all. That’s why I knew that the George Luck Rainbow Rabbit Puzzle would be a huge hit with her.

As a 3+ puzzle I was worried that it would be too advanced for Spike. Checking it over once it arrived, there were few small parts so I figured we were good to go. I decided to just leave her to play and see how she got one. Excitedly, she wanted to rip the box open and get to playing. Once open,  she proudly exclaimed ‘Mummy babbit!| and ‘Baby babbit!’ and proceeded to tip the puzzle over to see the pieces fall out!

The wooden board for the puzzle really helped with putting the pieces back together. This is actually what convinced me that it wouldn’t be too difficult for Spike as it means there is a guide to the puzzle. A starting point if you will. Spike usually puts mummy rabbits bum in first and builds the puzzle from there Though she has done it from the ears before too.


The first time Spike tried the puzzle she didn’t really do it well. However with a little help from daddy and me, she got there in the end! Now she loves it and if we try and help she shouts ‘Nooooo, mummy!’ or ‘Nooooo, daddy! It’s mine!’ at us.

A massive favourite, I think the George Luck Rainbow Rabbit was a great addition to Spike’s toys. With its colourful design and its relatively easy designed shapes. It is perfect for our Spike and she loves playing with it. Definitely not too advanced for her, we’ll be building her collection of wooden toy puzzles soon based on how much she loves it. I think an older child would benefit from it too, especially if they had more than one puzzle so they could design a woodland scene!