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Planning a birthday in lockdown – How we’re going to be spending Spike’s 5th birthday

Spike has had a birthday party and a special family day out on her birthday since her very first birthday. It’s always a special day for her, and we always make sure there are memories made. Usually the days out feature the zoo but last year it was Coral Island where she felt very lucky all day! 

This years expected party and day out plans

This year she asked to go back to Chester Zoo, where we spent her 3rd birthday. She also was nearly the very lucky recipient of a birthday party at the Butterfly House and Mini Zoo in Lancaster. (Can you sense the theme – the girl likes animals.) But alas, lockdown has other plans. Obviously both places are closed and a birthday party doesn’t seem likely for anyone for quite some time. 

How we delivered the news 

Obviously Spike is aware of Coronavirus as its affected so much since March. She knows that shes not at school because of it and she knew of two friends who had their parties cancelled in April. We delivered the news to her early on that a party wouldn’t happen because even if lockdown was over, there would be no time to plan it. She took this surprisingly well and asked again for a day trip to the zoo. In recent weeks shes come to understand that that is off the cards too. She knows places like that are closed and has made us promise that as soon as “The Nasty Bug Days” are over, we take her to the zoo. I think we’ll. deliver on that in all honesty. 

Our plans instead 

I’ve racked my brains trying to work out how to make it special for Spike next week. I have bought birthday bunting, ceiling decorations and balloons to decorate the living room. I’m making her favourite meals up and she will more than likely have a sausage butty for brekkie – her all time fave! All the gifts are (nearly) wrapped and we’ll be taking her lead on our daily exercise. Thankfully, its half term, T doesn’t have to work and there’s no homeschool – not that I’d make her do it on her birthday anyway! 

What Spike has asked for

Spike hasn’t asked for a lot as usual. She has mentioned she’d like to see members of her family and to be honest, I think we will try in a socially distanced way. Then I think the realisation of being at home for her birthday has sunk in because over the last few days she has asked for something so simple it nearly made me cry with happiness. Each Christmas Eve Spike gets into her new pyjamas, comes downstairs and we watch a film together with a glass on milk or not chocolate. She has asked if on the evening of her birthday we can do this too. I’m definitely not going to deny that request. 

Low-key lockdown birthday 

Spike has some amazing gifts to unwrap and we are lucky enough to live in a beautiful city so weather permitting, a walk will be on the cards. Then with her request of a movie night tailored for with surprise sweets and family snuggles, I’m certain she’ll enjoy it. It’ll be low-key but just what she needs during all the Covid-related uncertainty.

Have your kids celebrated a lockdown birthday? How did you make it special? 

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