Woman petting a goat at London Zoo. Playing tourists in London during our parents' days off
Days out

Playing tourists in London – Parent days off in the big smoke

Woman eating noodles in restaurant in London's Chinatown. Playing tourists in London Me and T had the opportunity last week to have some much needed us time. We met up with my best friend and her husband in London to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the west end.

The shows were amazing and I would definitely recommend them to any Harry Potter fan! I love the Harry Potter universe so I was always going to love it, but nothing prepared me for the magic and special effects of the play itself.

Day 1 in London

We booked cheap tickets from Virgin during their summer sale. So we got to the City at around 11. I forget how long it takes to actually get your bearings when you get to the city. Especially after not being there for so long but we managed to grab lunch and meet up with our friends at Primark Oxford Street East. We chose there because the Harry Potter section is in full swing! Except it wasn’t. That was a bit of a disappointment but we went to Part 1 of the play and our mood was improved significantly.

Tea Break

We opted for watching Parts 1 and 2 of the play in one day, which gave us around 2 hours between shows to grab tea. We hit Chinatown and had an amazing Chinese, sharing sides between us. I was well impressed at the fact I ate all my noodles using chopsticks despite only been shown how to us them the week prior when I visited Wagamamas! Once that was done we headed straight back to the Theatre for Part 2, then jumped on the tube to our Hotel.


Day 2 in London

Day 2 was where we missed Spike lots. We both felt bad for visiting London Zoo without her because we know she would love it there. Although its a massive Zoo, its quite easy to navigate. We had fun walking round seeing all the different areas they had. They have made a proper display of some of the enclosures and I think it would be an amazing place with kids. There was an amazing bit where the Meerkats are for children to crawl around and pop their heads up like Meerkats. I had great fun in this – call me a child, I don’t care. And the petting zoo was adorable too! Its probably my favourite Zoo in England (nothing beats Edinburgh!) and I definitely want to visit with Spike one day!

Playing Tourists

Once our friends left to go grab their train home we still had 5 hours to kill in London. We headed for the city centre and decided to play tourist! I have been to London loads but mostly on trips to publishers houses when I was more involved in the book blogging community. This means I’ve not been to many places in the centre. We visited Leister Square and M&M world, then headed down to Trafalgar Square, and Convent Garden.

An introduction to Five Guys

We wanted something reasonable and easy for tea during our break from sight seeing and we hit Five Guys for the first time. Some of our friends love it and have mentioned it a fair bit so we thought we’d try it while away and it was worth it. The Oreo milkshake was probably my favourite thing ever and I will definitely be seeing more of those in my life!

After tea stroll

Once tea was done we hit the streets again. We walked up to the British Library to see if we could catch the Harry Potter Exhibition. But alas it was sold out. We walked through some beautiful parts of the city including Bloomsbury Square Gardens and Russell Square. Then over to Euston to grab a coffee and wait for our train. We did 12 miles walking around the city according to my Fitbit and I was starting to feel it.


Needless to say when we got home at 11:30, we both crashed and slept like logs until the next morning. When we got up, and went straight to my Mother in Laws to pick Spike up. Who greeted me with a punch and a “no!” when I asked if she’d missed us. Kids eh?

It was a great couple of days though, despite missing Spike so much. We didn’t have to worry about losing her in the crowds and could be our pre-baby selves. Without her crying and whinging… which shes doing a lot of these days. Its definitely a good idea to get away for a little while every now and then when you’re a parent. Even if it isn’t over night, a few hours helps your relationship I reckon.