Spike sat on a trolley at Ikea during potty training start up. What they don't tell you is how to dress your child during potty training.
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Practicalities of potty training – dressing my dear daughter 

As you have probably seen, we are currently potty training Spike. It’s going well and she’s hardly having any accidents. She’s still in a nappy at night but thats all, and we’ll work on that one soon enough.

We haven’t tackled long car journeys, or a whole day out yet. Those things will come in time, I’m sure. But we have realised, and quite quickly, that there are now certain clothes that are pretty much a no-go.


We love dungeress. Or I do. Spike will put up with them because I tell her she looks awesome in them. We have a few pairs of denim dungs, a couple of rompers and a shortie pair. They were all she wore on our holiday, and for many month after. However, now they are no longer. They take too long to sort out at the minute because if Spike has gotta go, she’s gotta go!


Jeans full stop are a no go too. They are so hard and unmoving that they aren’t a favourite in this house anyway… but definitely not while potty training! I know plenty of people who only dress their little boys in jeans and I can’t understand how at this age – leggings all the way!

Popper vests

Spike smiling at the wall whilst showing off her awesome rocket and space dress from Babipur

Spike has pretty much been out of popper vests for the last 6 months. But any that were lurking have now been bagged up. Theres no way that she will put up with them tucked under her bum, and they take far too long to unpopper, and popper up!

Spike’s current style

Spike is currently living in leggings and tops or tights and dresses. There are a few exceptions but we’ve found that this is the easiest way to deal with the quick darts to the potty and toilet, and any accidents that occur. Wearing tights means less need for finding new socks when accidents do happen too, which always helps!