Image showing Photowall Print on the wall of our bathroom, and close up of the print we chose form Photowall, with blog title in between them
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Brightening up the house – Giving a bit of colour to a tiny space with Photowall

We live in a new build, its rented, and that means that every wall is white. Every carpet if beige and every space feels very minimalist. Now don’t get me wrong, we love our minimalist home. But we like living somewhere homely and not like a showroom. Which is why I was happy to partner with Photowall to bring some colour to a tiny space in our home.

Is there anything more depressing than a tiny colourless space?

We quite quickly made our mark on the living area, and the kitchen has bright accessories. So the only downstairs space that wasn’t making me happy was the downstairs toilet. Its tiny, in the pace under the stairs and it feels like a white box. Due to its size and the fact its the only room I tend to shut the door of, I wanted to brighten it up a bit.

Brightening up the downstairs loo

I searched high and low for the right amount of colour for this space. I wanted something nice but not in your face, just something to give a bit of a feature, something to look at when you’re in there. I didn’t want a quote because I find them so generic most of the time. I also wanted something a little calming that wouldn’t look strange in the mostly empty room. When Photowall got in touch and asked if I would like to review one of their products it came at the exact right time.

Finding the right poster print from Photowall

I knew that if this was my own house, I would probably have gone with some of their amazing wallpapers and made a feature wall, maybe out of this Mountains wall mural. But alas, we don’t own the house so I couldn’t. Instead I thought a calming poster print in a frame would be better. I searched their collection, knowing I wanted an illustration rather than a photograph. The filtering option made this easy. I also knew I wanted a portrait image, not landscape, which was also an option in the filtering. I narrowed down my search to about 10 options, popping them in my basket to save them to show T at a later time. We managed to then narrow the options to two. This adorable Alone in the Forest Poster and the Hills and Valleys II Poster. I decided on the Hills and Valley’s as I thought the fox print would include more white space than I wanted.

Receiving our Photowall poster

The checkout process was really quick and easy and I managed to get express delivery so my poster was with me the next working day. When it arrived it was nicely packaged in a way that ensured it wouldn’t get damaged in the delivery process. I unrolled it and rolled it the other way to flatten it out which was easy enough and used its paper roll to keep it protected until I got chance to put it in the frame. I chose not to receive a hanger as I already had a frame to put it in but the hangers look beautiful and I kinda wish I did need one!

Amazing quality and beautiful artwork

The poster was printed on really thick, top quality paper. I could feel that as soon as I took it out of the box. I love the texture of it and that really helps the colours pop on it. I went for a non boarder option to fill as much of the frame as possible and I’m really glad I did. The frame is small, 30cm x 40cm, and is the perfect size for our small bathroom. The artwork filling it all makes it more of a feature. Its the first thing you see when you open the door to the toilet and gives a really calming effect to the room. It’s a minimalist print, with pastel colours and not too much going on which is exactly what I wanted for the tiny room and we all love it. Spike says it reminds her of a sunset in the Lake District, which is a place we love, so its absolutely perfect for us.

Ordering from Photowall

Photowall is really reasonably priced, easy to navigate and I had no issues when ordering. I used my mobile to navigate the site and to order and it worked well. If you are looking for a piece of art to brighten up your space, or just give you something a little different to look at – especially during lockdown – and I really recommend! In fact I’m looking at their collection to find a much bigger piece of artwork for our bedroom next!If you are interested in buying from Photowall, you can get 25% off your next purchase with my exclusive discount code: readaraptor25. This discount will be in place for 1 month, until 8th March 2021.

Disclaimer: I was sent my poster print in exchange for a post about Photowall and its products.