Reclaiming our living room – getting a bit of the adult space back

Downing under a pile of kids toys? We’ve probably all been there as parents. Theres a point where you can’t move in your house for all the stuff that belongs to this tiny human you created. And when they get to two, they start acting like they own the place too. Its soul destroying and the reason why we were quick to claim back our bedroom a our own once she was old enough to move into the nursery. Recently we’ve reclaimed our living room by arranging a proper place for all her toys too.

Our living arrangements

We currently live in a nice, big 3 bedroom Victorian House. With two reception rooms you would thing we were spoilt for space. However the room to the front of the house is a dumping ground for everything we don’t want to think about. Bags of Spike’s old clothes, toys that need taking to the charity shop, her trike, her scooter, her old pushchair. Its a nightmare, and its made worse by the fact its FREEZING in that room, all year round. It can be 30 degrees outside and that room will still be uncomfortably cold. It’s weird, but true. So we only use the back room as our living room, which should technically be a dining room.

Our living room

Until recently we had an open fabric toy box, with two PVC boxes with all Spike’s toys in. About 6 months ago we got a new TV unit which stored a number of her birthday presents from last May away. But everything was very much on show with her books overflowing from the bookshelf and the toys overflowing the boxes. I had no idea how to solve the problem of our toddler taking over our living space, until I convinced T to buy a 8X4 Kallax unit form Ikea.

Kallax from Ikea

Seriously, this piece of furniture was a life saver for us. We worked out that it would fit where out overflowing toy boxes were and I figured that I would need 4 boxes for all of Spikes toys. The boxes turned out to by huge and I fit everything into two with space left in one of them! Its meant that we’ve been able to store her books away better too, at her eye level so she wants to read them more. Some of her nicer toys are still on display but most of her bits are stored away in one part of the room, which massively helps when you are trying to relax.

It’s the little things

While at Ikea we managed to get hold of a gorgeous floor lamp which we have put in the place of the bookcase we had with all Spike’s books and T’s games on it. This means the area around the TV, where we sit facing most of the night, is uncluttered and grown up looking. Its those little things that help you reclaim your own space when it comes to these kids taking over I think!

Have you managed to reclaim your own space lately? Or have you always tried to have a boundary between the kids space and yours? I’d love to know!