Christmas and New Year


Reflections_on_2016_readaraptor_hatchlingFor many 2016 has seemed like an awful year. There have been so many celebrity deaths (not going to lie, the only one I really cared about was my beloved Snape, RIP Alan Rickman) and disasters in the form of Brexit and the American Election result. I am not a fan of Brexit though to be honest as we’re saving for a house and it might mean house prices fall in 2 years time it might work in my favour. And don’t get me started on Trump….

For the Hatchling household personally 2016 hasn’t been bad. There have been serious ups and downs from being screwed after my maternity leave and not going back to the job I expected to, to finding the perfect job for me and our family. Spike has changed so much and this was probably the biggest year of development she will ever have so witnessing that and continuing to be so proud of her every single day has been amazing.

One of my best mates had a baby so our friendship group grew in numbers and Spike gained a life long friend. I watched my cousin getting married and had many happy times with friends and family that I don’t often get to see. Overall 2016 has been an average year for us but a fantastic one for many of our friends which is brilliant to be a part of.

This coming year will probably present some challenges. As Spike grows up and we start the university application process for my stepson there will probably be a number of tears. Working the way we are means we don’t actually spend a lot of time with Spike during the week but we are planning lots of things on weekends and maybe a holiday this year, we shall see! My new job had a probation period which isn’t due to end just yet so I’m starting the year with that hanging over me. I’m hoping it won’t be an issue as I do love doing what I’m doing and once its out the way we’re thinking of embarking on the next stage of our lives – saving for a house!

I hope, however your 2016 went, the year ahead brings you everything you want and need and lots of good fortune for you and your family.

Happy New Year from all of us.