Two images of home design featuring Luvanto Flooring. First image is a staircase with darker wood flooring and the second is a nearly empty room with large windows with lots of light flowing through shining on a solitary house plant in the window.
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Seasonal Change Includes Room Design – Flooring made simple with Luvanto

With each passing season passes so too does our interior design choices. 

Rain, snow and heat have an effect on our stylistic choices which goes to the walls, the ceilings and naturally your floor.

It is here that all home improvement enthusiasts recommend a cost effective, easily installable and durable option – Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.


The Spring weather can go one of many ways; nice and sunny or bleak and rainy.

No matter how it falls, Luvanto has the built in tools to handle it all.

Spring is the most rain tested season, so ensuring you won’t have any water risk from wet clothes or footprints soaking through makes for a much satisfying flooring. Luvanto offers 100% waterproof manufactured products. Also, moisture in the air will not breach your floor panels or tiles and damage your subfloor.

For Spring, Luvanto surely provides a bright outlook.


With the hotter season, outside activity is in high demand for homes with families. 

Flooring itself becomes a victim to grass stains and children tearing through your home. Luvanto ensures your flooring is safe via scratch proof design and easily cleanable wear layers so your kitchen and living area remains glorious. With the summer months, it’s good to know humidity will not affect your flooring and cause tiles to come loose or rise.


It’s getting slightly chillier and the nights are getting longer.

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is the ideal companion for underfloor heating, so you can continue to feel the benefit until the sun returns in every room of the house. No stepping out of a hot shower to a chilly bathroom and no breezy trips downstairs in the night when vinyl flooring is providing extra comfort.


A typical English winter is either snow, sleet, rain or ice.

Which means typical wooden floors feel cold or tend to be draped with a rug to try and keep some warmth, which is why vinyl flooring remains a top priority for winter living not just for its companionship to heating underneath, but also its natural comfort underfoot. Perfect for unwrapping those Christmas presents. 

It also looks incredible with light or dark woods over the festive period, with great reflection of those Christmas decorations.

With Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring you find yourself unlimited in selection of the designs and styles they provide. Luvanto Parquet and Herringbone really can make your home your own every season of the year.

No matter if you choose one room, two rooms or all rooms you have comfort with the option of a vinyl floor to suit all year around.