Spike gets her first shoes!

spike-first-shoes-bobuxSo there has been a lot of firsts over the last few months and needless to say Spike is thriving. She took her first steps on April 22nd. It was only two when she tried to bring her ball to me and T said I couldn’t count it cos she fell and probably did it by accident. In true Spike style she then waited another week to do any more but then she did 6 steps, since then she has been building up the confidence and carrying on walking between me and T and a little bit around the living room.

She decided that she wanted to make a liar out of me and refused to really walk anywhere other than in the house so I’ve been putting off getting her her first pair of shoes. She had some pre-walkers from next so I took them out with us if I wanted her to walk when we were out, in the park and at the soft play etc. But as the week went on she was getting more and more confident in the house and even started taking steps out and about a tiny bit, so we made the decision to just go for her first pair of shoes.

As her birthday is coming up I decided that I would ask T’s grandma, who always gives us money to buy what we want for Spike for christmas etc, to contribute towards the shoes for her birthday. Always the best prepared she gave me the money early and we took Spike for her first pair last Friday.

I always assumed that when we went for Spike’s first pair of shoes we would take her to clarks. They are the standard place to go and have an ok range… but then I remembered that my town has a dedicated children’s shoe shop called Paces and Laces. Its a small, local independent shoe shop and I love to support local businesses so I headed on down there instead. They stock all the brands that I’m used to seeing and they are around the same price as clarks so I was happy to have a look around!

There was a bit of a wait but spike had fun watching the fish and crawling around the shop (again, not walking because obviously she wanted to make me look ridiculous insisting that she can walk and needs shoes!) We got seen after a little while and the lady in the shop measured Spike at a whopping size 2G… yeah, she’s ridiculously small, I know, she can’t have big feet with her teeny body though, it would look silly!

Anyway, off the lady trotted to get what she knew she had in stock for that size… and she brought us five pairs of shoes in size 2… all girls shoes, all in a variety of pink. I only liked two of them enough to even want Spike to try them on and one was a beautiful shoe but because it was a T-bar it sagged at the sides when Spike stood up.

The lady went away again and brought us some more shoes… these were more promising, yet again all girls even though I’d told her that I didn’t mind having a look at the boys shoes too… There were 2 red pairs, and a navy pair. We tried on one red and one navy pair and I fell in love with the red ones. Yet they are a little ‘girly’ as they have flowers round them, but they are proper little Mary Janes and are exactly right for her… how do I know? Because as soon as we stood her up, she was off! She practically ran over to me and gave me a big hug and a smile even though she was absolutely knackered (her afternoon nap was late) and she wouldn’t stop moving, and all this is why the photo is so rubbish!

Her first pair of shoes were reasonable priced and exactly what I wanted, and a brand whose website I had perused previously too (Bobux for anyone interested!). The store runs a loyalty scheme so I will definitely be going back for that in addition to supporting the places that we need to support!