Christmas and New Year

Spike’s Christmas Wardrobe

spike-Christmas-Wardrobe1-readaraptor-hatchling Better late than never… Last Christmas when Spike was teeny tiny, I dressed her up in all sorts for her┬áChristmas wardrobe. I embraced the elf outfits and Santa bodysuits and basically abused her for photos that she’d look cute in.

I tried that again this year but the adorable yet hideous outfits were all either too frilly or too small! Instead we made do with fun, funky Christmas themed tops, and the occasional legging or two!

Most of this years Christmas Wardrobe came from the boys section – you’ll be shocked to learn! There were too many frills and too many non Christmas-y stuff in the girls section for my liking!

My favourite items from her Christmas wardrobe this year had to be the blue ‘To the North Pole!’ top and her Penguin and Seal vest that looked amazing under a denim dress with red tights for Christmas Day. Both of these came from the boys section at Sainsbury’s with the vest being from a pack of 5 blue and blue/grey/red stripy vests.

Combining the boys and girls stuff really gave a cute look I think with the North Pole top looking adorable with the sausage dog leggings (obviously not Christmas!) from Mothercare and the ‘boys’ blue penguin Sainsbury’s Penguin top combined with the red penguin leggings from the ‘girls’ section in Morrisons.

The ‘Santa is coming to town’ coca cola-esqe top is from the ‘boys’ section in Morrisons and the ‘Raised by Elves’ Buddy the Elf top came from the ‘boys’ section in Tesco and┬áboth were too cute to resist. Her ‘please give me chocolate!’ face in that Buddy the Elf top picture was also too cute to resist according to her dad!

spike-Christmas-Wardrobe2-readaraptor-hatchlingThere’s nothing more festive than wearing Christmas clothing and I think thats why I was a bit disappointed by her Christmas Jumper. Although its cute I barely picked it out for her because of its colours. Yes it has a snowman thats upside down, and yes thats cute, but its pale blue and pink. Its a ‘girls’ Morrisons one and I bought her it because she liked the fluffy snowman on it but she actually really didn’t like wearing it as it made her neck itchy so she was in it for about half a day!
Next Christmas should be interesting as Spike will have more of an interest, and will probably be picking her own clothes out. I can’t wait to see what she runs to in the shops! What did your little ones wear for their Christmas Wardrobe? Are you a Christmas theme nut like us or did you just make sure they looked good for the special occasions?