Spikes first birthday day out: Blackpool Zoo

For Spike’s first birthday we wanted to do something special together as a family so we decided to go out for the day.

One of my favourite days spent with T was at Blackpool Zoo when we’d been together around 6 months. I was going to Bulgaria to see my parents for a month so we decided to spend a full day together and it was amazing, gorgeous weather, brilliant company and everything. I wanted to relive that day with Spike for her first birthday because we hadn’t been back and I thought it would be nice visit again now we have her in our lives – it wasn’t until a few days before the actual day that I realised that actually it was 29th May 2009 that we went to the zoo together, Spike’s actual birthday!

So, exactly 7 years to the day that we spent an amazing day together at Blackpool Zoo, me and T went again, with our addition! We got there for Spike’s lunch time so we sat and ate our packed lunch outside the lakeside cafe, where we were joined by two peacocks (shudder! I hate peacocks!) which Spike loved!

We then went to see some of the monkeys where Spike had a little walk around, before going to see the tigers, which she got a bit confused about – cats that she can’t stroke! – and then the giraffes. The giraffes are my favourite things to go and watch at the zoo so I was very happy that she seemed to like them too! They are so elegant and beautiful and I love the way they move! We went from there to the orangutang but they were just basking in the sun, it was a bit warm! The gorillas were asleep too! We stopped for ice cream – I shared mine but I’m not sure Spike enjoyed the fact my ice cram was mint flavoured! then we went to see the penguins!

Watching the penguins was awesome, some of them were swimming around playing with each other and Spike’s little face lit up watching them! There were some others sleeping in the sun and she thought it was really funny watching them too because they were stood up facing the sun. We had a walk around, checked out the zebras, ostriches, camels and the elephant and then we went into the Amazonia birdhouse thing… where a monkey jumped on the pushchair!

We then went into the lemur enclosure and Spike got up close to the lemurs, she didn’t want to leave them and even stroked one of them! I love that you get to get so close to them at Blackpool and get to have a wander through their habitat. We bought her her very own lemur from the gift shop too, though she likes my dinosaur as well of course!

At Blackpool they have a dinosaur safari too, which is a walk through with information about and huge models of dinosaurs. I obviously loved it the first time we went and I enjoyed it again this time because Spike seemed to love seeing the models. The area where the dinosaurs are kept was a little rougher than it was last time because it was new when we first went and now its a bit overgrown with patches where the dinosaurs are from people climbing over the rope to get to the models.

We followed the zoo with a tea at Nandos and some cake but that was after Spike was in bed, after all whats the point in having a child if you can’t celebrate their birthday with cake!? She, and we, had a great day on her birthday and the weather yet again was amazing, we couldn’t have asked for anything better!