Spike’s first holiday!

“Lets go camping!” One of T’s mates suggests… “That would be fun,” I think, especially when glamping is mentioned… “Of course we’ll join you” I reply.

Then dates are thrown around… last weekend in July is decided on and there’s no glamping pods available. So Friday 24th July sees me running around the house, filling up the car, working out exactly what we’ll need to accommodate me, T, L and Spike for the next two days. Because, yes, that’s right, we had decided to take an 8 week old camping.

At not even two months old Spike went on her first holiday, in a tent. And actually it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be… especially considering we’d never been camping before (unless you count the Leeds festival weekends, but I don’t!). I kinda thought that as our friends had a daughter the very same age (to the day!) that we’d all be in it together if something went wrong, but it actually went ok!

Parkcliffe-campsite-and-lake-windermereWe rolled up to the campsite, Parkcliffe – close to Bowness-in-Windermere, at 7pm, because T couldn’t take any time off work, and he and L started setting the tent up with much help from T’s friend (thank you!) and I took in the sights of the site whilst feeding Spike. It was a beautiful campsite… middle of nowhere with a large hill overlooking the site which had a path running from the site so you could walk up (the lads did but I didn’t fancy trying to put the buggy up there, which is annoying as it looked like a nice walk!) There was wi-fi in the campsite bar and even in part of the site itself which meant we could get internet (we had no phone and 3g signal) even where our tents were which L was very pleased about! And we spent a little bit of the first night in the campsite bar which was nice and warm!

Sleeping arrangements with an 8 week old in a tent were obviously carefully thought out.. I took Spikes moses basket and she slept in there, with a long sleeved vest, sleep suit, 2.5tog sleeping bag and a blanket on her! She was perfectly warm all night and slept brilliantly… the same can’t be said for me as I woke every 45 minutes to check on her!Breastfeeding while in a tent proved to be too hard to even consider so when Spike woke at 5.15 on the Saturday morning wanting a feed I decided to nip into the car, throw on the heating, charge my phone and feed her sat on the passenger seat! It was an interesting time of day to be perfectly honest, very peaceful and I liked being up in such a pretty setting at that kinda time!

Later on the Saturday morning we got up and I wrestled with the camping stove toaster I’d bought… then we nipped into Bowness for a bit of a trip. We grabbed dinner and I fed Spike by the lakeside looking out at all the boats and the ducks, swans and Canadian geese. I nipped into my sisters work to show Spike off to her work colleagues – who loved Spike, obviously – and we walked up to Bowness for our bbq ingredients that night.

Spike’s first boat trip!

We also decided to go on one of the Windermere boat cruises you can go on, so Spike had her first boat trip too! We decided that, because we didn’t have loads of time, the Blue Cruise was the best one for us. This takes you round in a circle on the lake and theres a guide offering a commentary, telling you all about Windermere’s islands as you pass them, and about different places on the coast of the lake which you pass. It was a pretty awesome boat cruise and oh my, some of the beautiful houses on the coast of that lake are amazing… I’ve put my order for one of them in with T but I don’t think he was taking me seriously! We passed a nice hotel where I think there was a couple having their wedding photos done at the time and it really was a lovely cruise!

Back at the campsite we wrestled with the bbq and just about managed not to give ourselves food poisoning then spent the evening sitting around chatting with our friends! It was a bit of a shame that there were no open fires/fire pits allowed on the site because of it being in the Lake District National Park, because that would have made the camping mood come alive even more, but it was still fun. Spike was bundled up in a snowsuit which she wasn’t too impressed by but it was a case of anything to keep her warm!

Sunday morning we packed up the tent and car and headed into Bowness again so I could visit my sister on her lunch break and go for food. T and L decided they’d take this opportunity to go out on the lake in a boat on their own (nutters!) and hired a small wooden power boat – how they didn’t fall I do not know! We also visited the Beatrix

"Daddy!! Help!! Mum's put me in a crazy coat and I can't get out!!"
“Daddy!! Help!! Mum’s put me in a crazy coat and I can’t get out!!”

Potter gift shop to look at things we couldn’t afford for Spike and I am definitely planning on taking her back up there in a few years to visit the Beatrix Potter house and museum!

I loved our first little holiday even though it wasn’t far and it didn’t last long. It was definitely long enough for camping and next time I’ll be expecting a little more luxury if we are away for longer! Spike seemed to enjoy the fresh air and spent most of the weekend asleep but we got a fair few cute pictures of her and made some special memories, which – let’s face it – is the whole point of family holidays!