Days out

Spike’s second birthday day out at Blackpool Tower

Blackpool-tower-view-from-the-top-readaraptor-hatchling-looking-downWe planned to do something amazing and outdoorsy for Spike’s second birthday. Then the weather did what it usually does on a bank holiday Monday. The rain hit and we had to change our plans. Wondering what to do that was indoors I found myself realising how lucky we were. There really are so many great days out in the North West. These include fantastic indoor activities such as Blackpool Tower and its many attractions.

Decisions, decisions

There are seven attractions which fall under Merlin’s Blackpool Tower area. These include The Tower Eye, Jungle Jim’s soft play, Blackpool Tower Circus and  the Sealife Centre. The other attractions are a little more grown up, these include The Blackpool Tower Ballroom, Madame Tussauds and the Blackpool Tower Dungeons.

Our choice

The Sealife Centre would have been my ideal choice. However T thinks they are all the same, so he didn’t want to go there. He wanted to hit the circus. My fear of clowns did not sit well with this but in the end I gave in and bought tickets. Our combo tickets, giving us entry to The Blackpool Tower Eye, Circus and Jungle Jim’s couldn’t be easier to buy. We logged on to the Blackpool Tower website that morning and just booked. This is so much better than a lot of places where you have to book in advance. They were far from cheap though, with 3 adults and a child costing £71.

Blackpool-tower-circus-clown-readaraptor-hatchlingGetting there

We made our way to the tower and join a short queue to pick up our tickets. We were told to nip up to Jungle Jim’s to book into the time session we wanted straight away as they fill up fast. This wasn’t ideal as it meant Spike saw the soft play before actually being allowed to go in… and it was two floors up from the circus which is where we were going first!

We made our way back down the many stairs and sat in a foyer with Spike while she ate her lunch. The Circus show started at 1 but we were told to be in the queue for 12:15 as it fills up quite quick. This was also far from ideal as its hard enough to get Spike to sit still for 3 minutes let alone nearly 3 hours! We kept her entertained once we’d found seats though and she enjoyed people watching.

Blackpool-tower-circus-clown-readaraptor-hatchling-postersCircus time!

The show began and thankfully was more or less clown-free. It was full of jokes and gags at first then went on to some amazing dance and acrobat shows. There was a 1 hour set, then a 15 minute interval followed by a 45 minute set. Before the show and during the interval they pushed things to do and buy in the ring. Face painting was £2 per child and we decided to see if Spike would let hers be painted. Thankfully she didn’t mind and we had even more of a clown during the second half.

I think my favourite part of the circus was the trapeze artist and the neon somersault people (I’m terrible at remembering names!) They were fantastic and Spike agreed. She loved watching the somersaults in particular!

Blackpool-Tower-Jungle-jims-readaraptor-hatchlingSoft play hell

Once the circus was over we hit Jungle Jim’s, thinking three hours sat still should be rewarded! Spike LOVED Jungle Jim’s but I hated it. She wasn’t on board with the under 3’s area and wanted to go in the main play frame. There was only one way in and one way out and I could NOT work out how to find the exit again. It was cramped and claustrophobic in places and I got a boo boo on my arm from being in there. I made T swap with me and go in with her after about 10 minutes! Like I say though, Spike loved it so much!

Eye, eye, eye!

Blackpool-tower-view-from-the-top-readaraptor-hatchling-twoThe sessions in Jungle Jim’s are timed so we were kicked out after 1 hour. As a general rule I prefer longer sessions at these places now Spike is older. However, it was getting quite late so we would have had to leave anyway. We went to the Blackpool Tower eye 4d experience which was really fun for me. I’m not sure how much Spike could enjoy it though as she wasn’t up for wearing the glasses! Once we’d watched that, we jumped into the lift up  to the top of the tower. Me and Spike were brave and standing on the glass floor we could see all the way down to the street. This meant we got to see the cool Comedy Carpet, which we’ve been on plenty of time, in its full glory!

We then walked the steps to the top of the tower! It was windy and a bit cold up there but that didn’t stop Spike wanting to run around up there. She was sad when we told her it was time to go back down!

It would have been incredible on a clear day. You can apparently see to Ireland, up to the Lakes and down to Liverpool. We would have been able to point out home to Spike and things like that if it was. However, it was a bit murky and cloudy so we couldn’t see too far. We still had loads of fun though and I will definitely be doing it again!