Two images of stationary subscription boxes you can get in the UK
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Pretty monthly doorstep drops – Stationary subscription boxes I just can’t live without

I’m a stationary addict. I always have been. When I was in my teens I used to go into town with my friend and we’d hit up the shops in order of importance. First would be Ottakers – which some people won’t even remember but was a book shop chain. Then it was WH Smiths and The Art Shop for the stationary goodies. Thats if we were feeling flush. On the less pocket money days it would be Woolworths and Boyes – I’m showing my age with Woolies but I’m showing my northern-ness with Boyes as much people won’t be aware of that shop! But I digress… This post is about my current stationary addiction and my love for stationary subscription boxes!

Stationary addiction

As you can tell, the order of importance is books then stationary. Thats and order of importance that I’ve had my entire life. At some point Music fell into the mix and HMV would be visited. But they have always bene my favourite things and continue to be today. My stationary addiction used to pretty much only be used for work. But last year when I discovered bullet journalling, I discovered a need for more pens and other goodies like stickers.

Stationary Subscription Boxes

Not long after I discovered bullet journals did I start searching Redbubble for stickers to decorate the front of it. I very quickly came across Sugar and Sloth. Their cute/funny sticker designs are awesome and I knew I needed more of their stuff in my life. I found out about washi tape and stencils too, which looked great as I knew my artistic ability would not licence me to draw in my bullet journal. And that a stencil is a much better idea for me. But this led me to finding the Tiny Party Club and Oopsadaisy stationary subscription boxes, amongst others. I wanted to share a little about these subscriptions and more I’ve found with you. You know, to help fuel your stationary habits too.

Tiny Party Club by Sugar and Sloth

The Tiny Party club is actually more of an enamel pin subscription than a stationary subscription box. But it works as both. For £12 a month you get an enamel pin which is worth £8, and 4 or 5 other items. I’ve had wash tape, pens, stickers, badges and notepads. A couple of months ago I got the cutest daily task list pad. Which has been brightening up my day at work every since. The designs are cute but fierce and the Sugar and Sloth besties group and Anita’s emails always make me smile. My first box, I think, was the Glitter Space Dinosaur box which arrived just in time for my birthday. It was totally made for me. March’s box was Unicorn Book Club and I gifted one to my sister for her birthday. That was probably my favourite box so far. The only problem I’ve got is that I want to get my pins on display. I just don’t know where to put them though!

Oopsadaisy Mini Club

I came across Oopsadaisy on Instagram and loved her videos of doing brilliant things with stencils in bullet journals. I’ve bought a couple of her stencils separately but when I realised I could get the Mini Club monthly themed box with two pocket stencils, a washi tape and a pen, I needed it in my life. At £10.10, the box is a little more than I’d like to spend. I’ve actually cancelled it multiple times thinking that its more than I should be paying out a month. But I always start my subscription back up before I’ve even missed a box. The stencils are such good quality and I love the washi tape for making my pages look great in my Bullet Journal. The March theme was Bees and it made my April Bullet Journal spread look soooooo good! Also, I’ve ordered stencils from elsewhere and been disappointed but these ones have never disappointed me.

Papergang by Ohh Deer

I love the Ohh Dear website and the range of stuff you can get on there. Its now my go to for cards. I found their Papergang subscription though an advert on Facebook and I loved the idea of it. The theme is completely different each month and the designs are all by different artists. So its very different every time. Its £14 a month which usually includes things like notebooks, stickers, pins, pens, wrapping paper, greetings cards and more. I subscribed for the September box last year because it was an amazing space themed box. It was brialliant and I adored what I got. But I cancelled the subscription because the next month’s art wasn’t for me. I haven’t yet turned it back on but I’m keeping a close eye for when I see a box I love.

Spotlight Stationary

This is a new one to me, and I’ve not actually tried it but it looks so good. The Spotlight Stationary box is more expensive than the others at £25 but appears to have a lot in it. The New Year subscription box had Leuchtturm1917 jottbooks in it, which is the fantastic brand that does the official bullet journal notebook. As well as some great stickers, pens, a diary and more. Its got a very grown up feel and I think it would make the perfect accompaniment to a new job. Especially for someone a little more on the sensible side than I am!

Ink Drops

This one is new to me too, and the site is a little hard to navigate but I love the look of it. Its £18 a month if you sign up monthly, or £15 if you sign up for a year. You get greetings cards, notebooks, stickers, washi tape and all that jazz. The Ink Drops Stationary Box designs look fun and very me. Plus the greetings cards in the box would definitely come in handy as I always forget to buy mine in advance. Then I panic when I need to order them to come, to write them out and send them to friends and family!

UK Based Stationary Subscription Boxes

I’ve purposely chosen UK based boxes because I rarely buy stuff from abroad because of the customs charges. I like that these are all readily available to sign up for and for the most part support local independent creatives. My favourite is by far the Tiny Party Club. This is probably also because of the amazing community that the founder Anita has set up. Plus the great thing about the ones I get is that I can share them with Spike. She loves trying out the stencils with me and argues about which bits of the Tiny Party Club box she gets to keep! If you have any more to recommend to me please do! I’d love to hear about them!