My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo – 28/01/2018

Me and Spike are very lucky to know lots of awesome mums and kids. Yesterday was the 1st birthday party of a friend of mine who I have got a lot closer to over the last 2 years. We met through my best friend and have a fair bit in common so it’s always good to spend some time with her. Spike had so much fun playing at the party once she got into it, and with some stern words and guidance, also enjoyed playing with S, my friends little boy. By the end of the afternoon she didn’t want to leave him alone and was chasing after him saying “Mummy, he’s crawling away from me!” It was adorable and I loved seeing her so happy. This picture was the perfect capture for my #MySundayPhoto, even though the background could be better subject wise, it’s ideal to show how happy Spike was playing!