My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo 29/01/17



Spike has been desperate to walk everywhere lately so when we out today I decided to take her backpack with us. We let her walk a bit more that usual and it was slow going but she loved it.

We’ve had such a wonderful week. Spike has really bloomed lately thanks to a lot of work from us and nursery. She’s finally started talking more lately and I nearly cried when she said ‘Please’ for a biscuit the other day. She’s copying stuff a lot more though and is obsessed with ‘Miss Polly has a Dolly’ so keeps walking around swinging her arms saying ‘Sick, sick, sick’ which at inopportuneĀ moments can sound like ‘Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t’.

I love this photo as the colours of her outfit really brighten up this dreary day and this dreary street. It makes me sad that this is one of the main streets in my town on a Sunday which should be a busy shopping day. At least the library was busy though!