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    Becoming confident with reading – Spike’s exploration into the world of books

    Spike has literally been exposed to books since the day she was born. There have been books around her ever since, easily accessible for her to look at. And of course she’s seen me reading my books – knowing she cant and wouldn’t want to read them yet! Now she’s started school she’s become even more interested in reading and its making me so happy. Books from birth I started reading to Spike from the first night and I can count on one hand how many times she has gone to bed without a bedtime story. Even when we used to leave my mums house to drive home after a…

  • My favourite novels read since Spike was born

    My favourite novels read since Spike was born – Blogtober17

    I’m a massive reader. I started blogging as a book blogger nearly 10 years ago. I used to read up to 200 books per year. But you may know that as I wrote about that earlier in the month for the goals day. Now though, I barely read anything other than picture books. So for todays prompt, Novels, I thought I would share my favourite novels read since having Spike. In Darkling Wood – Emma Carroll I love Emma Carrolls novels. They are magical and beautiful and In Darkling Wood was one of the first novels I managed to finish after Spike was born. She does such an amazing job…