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    The ‘I don’t believe you’ phenomenon – talking about lifestyle choices with other women

    Have you got a lifestyle choice that is different to the norm? I have. I don’t want to get married. Ever. It’s not just a passing phase, and there are multiple reasons for it. But that is my choice, and I constantly have to defend it. Lately this has started really frustrating me. When I used to say it before me and T had Spike, I was told ‘You’ll feel differently once a baby comes along’. Then when Spike came along and we gave her my surname I was lectured at by the registrar. I was reminded not once, not twice, but FOUR times that I ‘would have to return…

  • semi- Feminist movies for girls like Frozen are awesome to help shape Spike into a strong, clever, confident girl
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    Movies to help shape Spike into a strong, clever, confident girl – Blogtober17

    Me and T spend most weekend evenings deliberating over which movie to watch. Quite often we spend that long talking about it that we don’t leave enough time to actually watch one! But on other nights we watch all sorts. From sci-fi adventures to rom coms to thrillers that get rooted deep into your brain. I love a good movie. And I especially love a good movie that has a strong message for girls everywhere. I am a feminist so it annoys me when a movie doesn’t pass the Bechdel test. Even though some of my favourites from my pre-feminst days don’t! I have a list of movies that I…