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    Thank you for helping shape Spike into the girl she has become – An open letter to my daughter’s nursery

    Dear Spike’s nursery, For the last 3 and half years you have looked after Spike when I couldn’t. There were days when I needed to drop her off because she was testing my patience and others, more, when I wished that I could stay with her. But each and every time I left her, I knew she was safe.  She was being looked after by people that loved her. People who I could trust. People I knew would keep her safe no matter what.  When Spike started, she was only with you 2 days a week. But she was treated like any other. The enthusiasm I got from all the…

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    Bringing an end to the boob

    So Spike is now 9 months old. She hit this major milestone today in fact, and its been amazing seeing her get here, growing up in front of my own eyes and developing her own little personality. One of the things I’ve loved over the last 9 months is the fact that I’ve played a massive part in her health. I’ve been breastfeeding almost every feed, every day she has had my milk and we have such a special bond because of it. The odd occasion she had formula she didn’t have any problems with it though so I expected her to be fine with going to nursery and having to…

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    Decorating the nursery: starry eyed

    Have you ever looked at the sheer price of decorating, and filling a full room from scratch? Most of you will have, but because we have always rented we have only filled a room, and slowly. I remember moving into our first unfurnished flat and having to sit on cushions for weeks while we waited for the sofa to be delivered, and then having to wait a while longer before having anywhere to rest a cuppa or food because we couldn’t really afford to buy a coffee table yet. We pretty much staggered the cost of filling a house by moving into a furnished flat, then into a part furnished…