• Have you ever thought about how todays selfies will become tomorrows old photos?
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    How today’s selfies will be the ‘Old Photos’ of years to come – Blogtober17

    I take photos of Spike every day. They are my treasures. I love looking over them and seeing how she has grown on a daily basis. I can see the point where she learnt to walk. And the point she found her voice. I can see her learning about different objects and the way things work around the house. But do you know what I love the most? How all these photos will be kept and one day they will be her ‘Old Photos.’ Reflection I love looking back on old photos and it makes me sad that I don’t have many from my childhood. My parents had an exceptionally…

  • featured image of Caputring those special moments for Families Online's EveryMomentCounts challenge post
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    Capturing those special moments – Families Online’s #everymomentcounts challenge

    As some of you may have noticed on my Instagram feed last week I joined in with a very special campaign for Families Online. This campaign asks families to capture those special moments. To take in the time you get with your family and make it count. After all #everymomentcounts. As part of the campaign we were given a theme for each day between Monday 18th and Sunday 24th September. We were then asked to capture a moment that fit the theme. I joined in excitedly knowing that we were on holiday and I would be capturing the moments as they came anyway. The campaign was easy in most case…

  • My Sunday Photo

    My Sunday Photo – 24/09/2017

      We’ve been on holiday this week and I’ve loved spending so much time with Spike. We’ve had a great time and there were so many photos that I could have shared for #MySundayPhoto but I had to choose this one. Spike was so excited to see the Teletubbies live and I loved seeing her so animated during the show!    

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    My Sunday Photo – 13/08/2017

      For this weeks My Sunday Photo I wanted to share a perfect capture that my partner got on Monday. We took to Park View Park in Lytham to check it out. We only had an hour spare but it’s definitely a place we’ll be going to lots. The reason I love this picture so much is because it shows how brave Spike is becoming. She had no second thoughts when it came to walking across this bridge at all and loved it. It was probably about 5 1/2 foot off the floor at its highest and was only a thin rope across the bottom! Her concentration face is awesome.…

  • My Sunday Photo

    My Sunday Photo 30/07/2017

    We went to the zoo this week. And loved seeing everything! Even if it was a bit wet! This has to be my favourite picture from our day. Things brightened up after lunch and we went into the Dinosaur Safari. Spike loved pointing out the big dinosaurs and stroking the little ones! I thought I'd share a photo of her doing just that for our #MySundayPhoto

  • My Sunday Photo

    #MySundayPhoto 25/6/2017 

    We spent the day at Morecambe yesterday for the annual Catch The Wind Kite Fesitval. It was awesome to see so many massive kites but the highlight was the Javanese Gamelan stage in ‘The Platform’ and the under 5’s Gamelan musical play stall in the promenade grounds.  I captured this picture of Spike enjoying herself in the Gamelan tunnel (see below!)  that was so amazing I wanted to bring it home with us! She never wanted to leave and I think it makes for a perfect #mySundayPhoto 

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    My top 5 Instagram pictures – April 2017

    Ok, hand’s up… Who stole April? It went by in a flash didn’t it? A flash of laughter, nights away from home and separation anxiety related sleep issues for me and Spike… but never mind! April was incredible for photos and it was possibly my busiest month for Instagram pictures ever!   The month really did fly by. So much so that I think that this first picture can’t have been that long ago. This was taken at Brockholes Nature Reserve over the Easter Weekend. My sister was visiting and Spike had been a nightmare so it got quite late in the day and we were trying to work out what to…

  • My Sunday Photo

    My Sunday Photo 7/5/2017

    We’ve had a good week this week with, I think, fewer meltdowns. Probably because Spike has been sleeping a bit better!  I’ve been wanting to go to a bluebell wood for the last couple of weeks and yesterday we managed to stumble upon on by accident. It was small but within walking distance of our house and Spike was happy with our find!