• Blog post graphic with Reading to your baby title and two images. First is of spike at 6 months old with a picture book and the second is of me and Spike at around 1 year reading in front of a yellow wall at the library
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    Reading to your baby – Why I read to Spike and why I think its important

    I’ve read to Spike since day one. I literally don’t think there has been a single day in her life that she wasn’t read to. At 6 months old I started reading the first Harry Potter book to her while she was snoozing on me. In fact, I even did a little bit of reading to her when I was pregnant. She developed a love for reading early on and days were spent reading books when she was a toddler. Now she’s learning to read herself, but I wanted to reminisce and share a bit about the reasons why reading to your baby is important. Reading from an early age…

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    Learning to read – Watching Spike learn to read through phonics

    Last week I really enjoyed sitting down with Spike to read a storybook. She’d picked this particular book up off the shelf at home and asked to take it to Grandma’s with her so I told her to put it in the bag without really looking at which book it was. Ant and Bee, a learning to read book The book in question was Ant and Bee. A lovely book blogger friend sent me it when I had Spike saying it helped her to read and thought it would be nice for Spike. It introduces simple words starting with each letter of the alphabet and puts those words into a…

  • My latest reading book for me and the caption my reading goals and disappointments for Blogtober17

    My reading goals and disappointments – Blogtober17

    I used to read 100-200 books a year. I was proud of my achievements and I could probably tell you what around 90% of them were about if you gave me a list of the titles. Now though, now I don’t think Ive read 10 this year. Not the size that I used to read. I’ve read loads of picture books. Probably around 100. But I used to read novels of 250-500 pages, yet these days I get a 10 page picture book read. I track my reading on a website called goodreads. I love it, its got a little social network where you can see what your friends are…

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    Parenthood: Summed up in one image

    Usually, I’m not usually one for airing my dirty laundry in public. However, as I wandered down my stairs last night I had to chuckle. I had to take a picture because this image, to me, sums up parenthood perfectly. There’s the baby monitor, to listen out for Spike stirring. Then we have the just finished empty bottle that allowed me to get her to sleep. And a book, but we’ll come to that later. All propped on top of a basket full of washing. Chores The basket full of washing is the most important element of this. Because what is parenthood without the never ending cycle of washing that…