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    Keeping the routine – how we’re structuring our day to stay safe and happy

    So we’re inside for the foreseeable future. While for some people this wont be a problem at all, for me and Spike it is not usual. We’re always doing something. Spike has been at nursery, then school, every weekday since she was 10 months old. I usually have work and if I’m not at work I’m meeting friends or going to an event etc. Weekends are spent on days out and lots of walks. We’re not stay at home type people. Until now, because we have to be to stay safe. Structuring the day Spike is a very routine child and that probably comes from the fact we’ve had a…

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    The Bedtime Tag

    I was tagged in the Bedtime Tag by Lisa at That British Betty Blog to answer a few questions about my bedtime routine – thanks Lisa! Describe your usual bedtime routine. I walk upstairs quietly (Spike’s bedroom is at the top of the stairs!) and go into my bedroom. Putting the baby monitor into its charging holder, I put anything else down I may have taken upstairs and head into the bathroom. There I brush my teeth, fill up my glass with water and nip to the loo. Then I check on Spike and on cold nights put her blanket on her. I go from there into my room where I…