A selection of Spike's potty training knickers
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Taking help where its offered – the start of our Potty Training adventure

Taking help with potty training where it is offeredI have known that Spike was pretty much ready for potty training for a few weeks now. Just before Christmas we bought her knickers. Then on Christmas Eve she proudly asked if she could wear them. I told her she could wear them over her nappy because it wasn’t a good idea to potty train with all the excitement of visiting her grandma and getting lots of presents.
We were also due to spend a lot of the Christmas break away from home. Not a great recipe for potty training. So I decided to put it off until the New Year weekend when we’d be home.

New Year Weekend disasters

We were due to visit friends on Saturday, so I thought we’d start Sunday, I’d do a bit at home on Sunday and Monday then ask nursery to carry on on Tuesday.
Saturday night came and spike vomited all over her bed. I spent the night on the floor and we both spent Sunday on the couch feeling sorry for ourselves. Potty training was once again put off.

Potty training delays

I work full time so the only opportunity for two days in a row to potty train would come from the weekend. This weekend we are at a party on Saturday and a post Christmas get-together on Sunday. So there goes that idea!
Feeling defeated I pencilled in potty training for January 13th and enjoyed New Year’s day with a Side that was much better. We started our usual routine on Tuesday with a nursery drop off at 7:30 and a trip to work for me and T.

The start of a fresh year

I thought that would be that. Yet as I went to pick her up from nursery on Tuesday I was asked if I wanted them to help. They had seen the signs and knew she was ready and were happy to start the ball rolling if I wanted to take knickers in. Spike seemed so happy at the prospect of doing a wee in the potty like her friends! It was completely up to me they said, but they were happy to help.

Guilt of shirking responsibility

I know potty training is something you should do as a parent. And I feel guilty that I can’t drop work and just do it when she’s ready, which is now whether I like it or not! However, balancing work and parenting is hard at the best of times. It’s exceptionally hard when you have something that will take days to do and keep thinking about saving time off for when it is really needed – like when your child is ill. I wanted to potty train Spike myself. I planned on taking time off if I needed to after kickstarting things on a weekend. But it would appear that I might not have to, because I’ve listened to my child and used the resources available to us.

Taking help where it is offered

Part of parenting in this day and age is taking help where it is offered. Spike’s nursery are fantastic. They have a great attitude and look after her well. I know they know what they are doing, and that they will have probably potty trained, or helped potty train, a thousand kids throughout the years. So why not accept their help?

Long days at nursery

Spike spends more time at nursery than she does at home. She is there 5 days a week for almost 11 hours of the day. She loves the staff, loves the kids and is happy there. I believe she would be more upset about being stuck in the house with me for 3 days, not going to nursery than anything else. So we bit the bullet and took knickers in to nursery for her.

First day of potty training

I will let you know how the adventure goes on, but it started with 30 minute trips to the toilet. Plus a couple of accidents and a drive home in a nappy. We plan on dropping the drive home in a nappy straight away. She has gone to bed on her first day of potty training with a smile of her face. Saying she had a couple of accidents but she’s a big girl now!