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Taking her dreams with her – a Dreamimals Daydreamimals review

Spike was lucky enough to be gifted a Dreamimals keycharm a few weeks ago. She’s always writing and drawing and I thought it would be a great little gift for her to take her dreams with her to school every day.

The Dreamimal Dream Pillow 

The Dream Pillow was the original Dreamimal. A large, soft pillow with a pillow opening where your child can place pieces of paper. Your child is encouraged to write or draw what they want to dream about on the pillow then they take the pillow to bed with them. It helps build a positive attitude towards sleeping and has helped many children form a lovely bedtime routine. 

The Dreamimal Daydreamimals Keycharm

Our Dreamimal is a daydreamimal. This is a much smaller dream pillow designed for daydreams, to encourage your child to think positive thoughts. We have Pinkie, who  is just like a little koala bear. She’s a soft, pink bear with the ability to attached to a school bag and be taken anywhere which is handy. Machine washable too, which helps a lot when your child likes to drag their school bag through puddles! 

What we thought 

As soon as Pinkie arrived, Spike understood what to do. She was writing down what her wishes and dreams were instantly. She wrote about nice times at school, about cuddles with family and how much she wanted sweets. Such innocent wishes but at 4 years old, they are going to be. She needed help with the spelling, obviously, but I love that it gave her chance to practise that too. 

My wishes

Spike went to school the next day with Pinkie attached to her bag. And when I picked her up from kids club she’d told them all about it. How it kept her dreams and wishes safe. When we got home she wanted me to add my wishes to the Dreamimal too, so I could share its magic. 

Spike’s latest friend

Spike absolutely loves her Dreamimal keychain and it goes to school with her every day. She’s not really writing as many dreams on it but I think the idea its there comforts her a lot. She does keep her favourite dreams in it too.

Our Dreamimal experience 

I love the Dreamimal keychain, its such a simple and sweet idea to encourage positive thinking. I think its the perfect school companion for a child who is struggling to setting into the new routines of the school year. I think it came at the perfect time for us as Spike was worrying a lot about starting school. She was struggling with being at kids club after school and I honestly think it was one of a few things that helped with that. 

Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.