Level in Preston's door with the caption Taking our parents night out to a new level in preston's latest entertainment venue
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Taking our parents night out to a new ‘Level’ – Preston’s latest entertainment venue

Blog title image of Mario and comic inspired sprayed wall in Level, Preston's latest entertainment venue
In the midst of tackling the terrible twos its always a good idea to get out and about. Which is what me and T did on Wednesday night – hitting the new venue in Preston Level.
I’d heard mummerings of a brand new multi-purpose venue coming to Preston a while back, but slowing they solidified into the announcement of a whole complex in the top end of town, within the Guild Hall.

What is Level?

Odin's bowling within Level in the Guild Hall, PrestonIts a brand new entertainment venue in Preston’s Guild Hall. Boasting bowling alley, with Laser Tag, crazy golf, assault course, bar and more! A place I have only known from my Graduation Ceremony I wasn’t sure how a massive new entertainment venue would fit within the Guild Hall. However they have managed to do it, and do it well. With food and dancing and everything that you would possibly need for the whole family to enjoy.
On our latest parents night out, we went to check out the venue itself. With just two days to go until opening night, Level 2 checked out. The sheer style of the place blew me away and I wanted to sit and stare at the artwork on the walls for ever. It was amazing. It was also a bit of a blast from the past for T, as a local lad he knew exactly what was there before Level and couldn’t believe the difference between the empty place that once connected the Guild Hall to the bus station via subway and shop, compared to this new venue where he wanted to spend the entire evening!

Level 2

Spare Room VIP Bowling Area within Level in Preston's Guild Hall Level 2 opened yesterday and its got everything you would expect from a multipurpose city centre venue. There’s food from the bar, as well as Mundo Tapas Street Kitchen coming soon, 6 bowling lanes, a VIP room with another 2 bowling lanes, and a Pointers & Co Sports Room with interactive darts and Shuffleboards. In addition there’s great music and a vibe that will chill you out after a long day at work – while not being too lively for those looking to spend a fun filled family afternoon out!

Level 1 and 3

Trailer Trash Jim's Mini Golf within Level in Preston's Guild HallWe took a tour of levels 1 and 3, so the basement and first floor. These areas aren’t open until next week, but our sneak peak was enough to tell me they will be amazing! Downstairs on Level 1 you have the End of Days laser tag which is decked out with amazing spray paintings of a post-apocalyptic Preston. This is complete with run-down Harris Museum and sinkhole filled Preston Train Station. As well as that you have Trailer Trash Jim’s mini golf, which I could only see a little of but I believe includes a pretty decent size Jabba the Hut and some really cool artwork. I can’t wait to try out the golf for myself. I got the feeling of Roxy Ballroom in Leeds from it, but it looked even better… and I loved it there!
The Daredevil Assault Course in Preston Guild Hall's LevelLevel 3 included the DareDevil assault course and bouldering wall, which looks like so much fun! I can’t wait to hit that wall when its open! The assault course is split into two, one for kids or ‘fun’ and one thats a bit more ‘Ninja Warrior’ style. The more intense one is not for the faint-hearted! Though it wasn’t in place this week, there will be a small soft play area and snack bar on Level 3 too.

Our Level experience

Preston Bus Station within the End of Days Laser Tag at Level in Preston's Guild HallWhen we turned up we hit the bar for some drinks then had a tour around from the team. Other than the amazing artwork I couldn’t wait to hit Pinters and try and beat T at a few things! The shuffleboards looked intriguing and we had a play on them for a while after he beat me at darts! Interactive Darts is just as difficult as normal darts… but it sure was fun!
We then, after T got excited for the Star wars pinball machine, hit the bowling alley for a couple of rounds. Again he beat me as I found out my bowling skills didn’t graduate with me after uni… But it was still awesome to try them out!

Preston City Centre entertainment

Sports room in Preston's Level, with pool table and shuffleboard tables Preston is not the best city. I’m sorry but its true. I am forever saying I wish it was more like Manchester. It just hasn’t got a lot going for it. Thankfully Level is a step in the right direction. It gets an incredible entertainment venue close to the train station and right next door to the bus station. It’s the kind of place you can start a night out but also take the kids during the day. With party packages suitable for everyone and The Spare Room VIP Area, there is definitely going to be lots of opportunities for people to experience it!
It finally brings a bowling alley into the city centre. Whereas before, we’ve only had one on the outskirts. And it really does take the city to the next level. This type of entertainment venue is exactly what’s needed for the city and I’m so glad its here!