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Thank you for helping shape Spike into the girl she has become – An open letter to my daughter’s nursery

Dear Spike’s nursery,

For the last 3 and half years you have looked after Spike when I couldn’t. There were days when I needed to drop her off because she was testing my patience and others, more, when I wished that I could stay with her. But each and every time I left her, I knew she was safe. 

She was being looked after by people that loved her. People who I could trust. People I knew would keep her safe no matter what. 

When Spike started, she was only with you 2 days a week. But she was treated like any other. The enthusiasm I got from all the baby room workers matched the smiles and happiness when I dropped her off each day and picked her up each evening. At the time that was a simple 8:55-4:30 day, Tuesday and Thursday. 

Things changed after just 7 months though. I got a new job. 35 miles away. The days went from being 7 and a half hours to nearly 10. I dropped her off at 7:30 and picked her up at 6. Every day. 5 days a week. 

You were brilliant. Accommodating for my new hours without any fuss. Helping settle Spike on her new days. Being even more enthusiastic for her time spent there than I could be most days. 

There were tough times. Days when I had to leave her in someone’s arms screaming. Days when I would walk out and cry. There were even days where I had to call in to make sure she’d calmed down when I was half way up the motorway. She always was. 

You helped with her speech development, Helped with her learning and even helped potty train when we knew she was ready but couldn’t get the time off work quick enough. Teaching her so much and developing her love for all things art, because thats one area I suck at for sure! You accommodated for her in every way you could. And I know you are paid to do so, but it always felt like you wanted to. 

You don’t know how much you have helped this tired working mummy over the last 3 and a half years. Especially on the days I dropped her off knowing full well she wasn’t over her cold, but I couldn’t stay off work for various reasons. I remember vividly the 2 occasions I had to travel back from work to pick her up when she came down with sicknesses. And I remember the ladies who made it part of their day to sit with her, cuddling her while she waited for the mummy she desperately wanted to cuddle but who was an hour or so away.

Because of your nursery she has made friends she loves dearly, She knows what its like to have a best friend already, her friend A joined her in the baby room and has gone through the whole nursery with her.

You have helped shape Spike into the clever and confident little girl she is. She pretends to be shy and withdrawn when placed into new situations, but deep down she’s assessing the situation, she’s looking at the new kids, the teachers, the parents and the adults and working out their role in her life that day. She’s so used to seeing people come and go because of nursery. But knows that there is always going to be someone who loves her to look after her wherever she is. Because she has been loved, so much, by the people we have left her with for the last 3 and a half years. 

It’s the end of an era for us. However Spike starts school in 10 days time and honestly, she’s so ready. You have helped with that more than you know. You have helped with her reading and writing. You have taught her so much. And more importantly you have made her excited for school. You have made her know that this next chapter is indeed that, and it’s nothing to be scared of.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart… Thank you.