That bloody hour….


I always thought that the jokes I’d see about parents having to ignore the ‘extra’ hour was just humour. Then that ‘extra’ hour struck in the Readaraptor household.

My word. I don’t know how anyone copes with this. Its a nightmare! Spike was waking at 5am on the dot every day until Sunday… Her body clock obviously thought that it was 5am, because its right and it technically was, however it was actually 4am. T got up with her as I’d been at work the Saturday night, then woke me at 8am and what followed was hell on earth.

Spike was a devil child all day. Crying an hour before her lunch time while pointing into the kitchen and banging on the door. We managed to distract her at snack time but not at tea time. She went to bed at normal time but then ping! Wide awake again by 4am.

We’ve been up every morning since at 4am. There’s no sign of her adjusting. We’ve tried putting her to bed later but nothing works. I even kept her in bed with us the other morning, yet the next day again she was up at 4am.

I really hope she puts herself back into the normal pattern soon, but its probably too much to ask for a 6am lie in from her… Maybe she’ll learn how good sleep is one day?!

If anyone wants to share their tips for getting babas to sleep longer please, please let me know!