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There’s nothing like leaving it to the last minute – Planning a party

Spike turned 3 recently, and we booked a local play centre for her party lsat weekend. Bad move, as we should have foreseen this beautiful weather and stolen the Mother In Law’s back garden like we did the year Spike turned 1… Darnit!

With the party booked months ago, the actual date has crept up on me quite quickly. I only realised the other day that if I didn’t get my finger out and buy some decorations, we would be sat in a very bland party room.

Theme ideas

So the weekend before last was spent trying to figure out what theme to go for. This is very important for a 3 year olds birthday party. I could have gone down the Peppa Pig route, but to be perfectly honest I hate that fecking pig. I thought about Bing, Frozen or Hey Duggee themes. She loves all of those things and would be excited about them all, but they didn’t seem special enough for her. Thats when I started hunting out Wonder Woman theme party items.

Spike’s love affair with Wonder Woman

Spike adores Wonder Woman ever since I showed her the 80s cartoon. And encouraging her to love a strong, powerful and brave woman is not a bad thing in my eyes. I couldn’t find any Wonder Woman themed party items. I did however find lots of DC Superhero Girls party items. I won’t start on my feelings towards the fact that girls have to have their own high school age cartoon version of superheroes that don’t really include any of the male superheroes that boys can like… as thats another post. But instead I decided to take a look at the party item. Spike has seen a couple of the DC Superhero Girls movies. She’s asked for them when flicking through Now TV Movies because Wonder Woman is on the picture for them.

Panic buying at 11pm

I wouldn’t recommend leaving your party planning until 6 days before the party itself. I only managed to get on the computer properly on the Monday night. So there I was panic buying to try and get the best price for these things, with delivery that would get them here on time. I managed to find a huge foil balloon, a pack of latex balloons and a huge Happy Birthday Banner from a shop on Ebay that had a fast and free delivery service. I then found the table cloth on Amazon with prime delivery, and an eBay store that offers personalised stickers for sweet bags which claimed delivery would be before the Saturday, and most of it arrived quickly, thankfully!

Not much, but it’ll do

I didn’t go all out, mainly because they place where the party is wouldn’t have been best pleased if I did (its a paid for extra to decorate the room!) but it was enough to make Spike really excited as soon as we got there. She knew that it was her party and will love that Wonder Woman is a part of it. I kinda wish her birthday was before her party so she could have worn her Wonder Woman outfit too!

Have you planned a birthday party with a theme? I’d love to know about it if you had! and if so, did you leave planning it to the last minute like me?!