Three in the bed…

three-in-the-bed-readaraptor-hatchlingSince I posted last things have gone from bad to worse. Spike was sleeping through until 4am, in her own bed, but then refusing to sleep again.

I suppose I should be grateful that she’s now sleeping until nearly 7am… however that’s in our bed, with breaks. The biggest break comes at around 1am when she wakes up and refuses point blank to go back to sleep until she’s in bed with us. I’m not sure if its because she’s cold or just lonely but she wants to be there, in between me and T, starfished so we’re hanging off the edge of the bed!

In fact it might be loneliness because last week when I wasn’t around she seemed genuinely concerned. I was away with work and T had put her to bed then later when she woke and he was already in bed he just put her in with him. That cued a good ten minutes of “Mummy, gone!” “Gone” “Mummy” as she looked over to my side of the bed and did her hands out ‘gone’ gesture. The poor thing just didn’t know why there was so much space!

She wakes me most days by sitting on my head, giggling. Which is nice to a certain extent but not great when you like waking up gradually to set yourself up for the day. Though there can’t be too many complaints as she needed to be woken up a few days later. She also woke me up yesterday morning with the most lovely cuddle, which was really nice.

I also kinda wish she would learn to tuck her arms and legs in a bit. I don’t know how its possible for such a small person to take up so much space but she does! There are arms and legs everywhere and usually a hand in my face. Actually, she woke me on Sunday with a slap to the face… thanks Kiddo.

I honestly don’t know how to get out of this habit. There are nights when I think I should just use out sleep training mechanism. Then I remember that involves going in and out of her room, calming her down each time, for what could be an hour. And its cold these days, oh so cold!

For now I think I have to just remember that she’s still little. She’s sleeping soundly for a good 11 hours, even if it is in our bed. And if that means that we have to scooch over to the edges for half the night so be it. I did look over to her during the night last night and thought she honestly looked like an angel.