Have you ever thought about how todays selfies will become tomorrows old photos?
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How today’s selfies will be the ‘Old Photos’ of years to come – Blogtober17

I take photos of Spike every day. They are my treasures. I love looking over them and seeing how she has grown on a daily basis. I can see the point where she learnt to walk. And the point she found her voice. I can see her learning about different objects and the way things work around the house. But do you know what I love the most? How all these photos will be kept and one day they will be her ‘Old Photos.’


I love looking back on old photos and it makes me sad that I don’t have many from my childhood. My parents had an exceptionally busy life and taking photos back then wasn’t as easy then as it is now. We now have phones that will take pictures in an instant. But the photos I can reflect on make me smile. I love that I can see how much Spike looks like me too.


One thing that weren’t a thing when I was a kid was selfies. If you wanted a photo of yourself it was taken in the mirror or someone else took it. I have some awesome selfies with Spike and they are probably going to be so cringeworthy when she’s older but I love them right now! I love the idea that these will be the photos that she will show to her children to say “Look what me and Nana were wearing when I was your age!