Top 5 instagram photos – June 2018

I really need to start getting better at doing these. I forget and then the next month has gone. But not for June. It might be half way through July but I remembered and I’m gunna post them anyway!

Last month was a bit of a hectic one. We did loads, but also not a lot. We had crazy weekends followed by boring weekends and it was nice to sometimes do nothing at all. I enjoyed some quality time with Spike and I think once the start of the month was over and Spike started to be the relaxed and happy daughter I thought I had it was much better. That was once the preschool stress and development leap was over!

Relaxed family time made for some of the best moments for my instagram it would seem too. Our followers seemed to enjoy the moments that showed Spike in her calmest moments, which were the moments she was probably getting my fullest attention! Or when she was showing off her photography skills like in this post:

Next up was this fantastic artwork which features twice on my istagram top five posts. We had an amazing day at the Down By The Riverside festival but Spike didn’t want to use the final dregs of the Land Art supplies. I can’t wait to take her somewhere and do more things like this!


The Down by the Riverside photos were obviously a hit because our next most engaged with post on Instagram was this one on the Festival day. It included all the highlights from what turned out to be the only rainy day in June!


As I said, quality time spent with Spike was big this month and one Saturday was spent solely at home, enjoying our own company. We took a walk to the shop, which should take about 10 minutes, 20 if you go the long way. We went the long way and the journey there took an hour! Spike was complaining of stones in her shoes and alsorts, but stopped and posed on the little bridge near the shop and just look at this beautiful smile.


And finally. A shopping trip during which Spike picked out all her own clothes and some knickers that ‘don’t stick up my bum, mummy!’ was the scene for this gorgeous photo of my girl, and our most engaged with photo from last month!