My top 5 Instagram pictures – February 2017

This month I’ve been trying a little harder to take, and post, some great instagram pictures. The ones that came out on top reflect that as they are probably my favourites from the month. They feature some great, and cheeky, captures of my little miss, who is just so cute I can’t help but catch her on camera.


February went really quick and started off really busy for me personally. Not just with Spike but work too. I had plans to post loads to the blog and thought I’d feature loads of blog related content to Instagram but that didn’t happen so we just had day to day Spike instead.

The 5th most liked photo is an instagram picture that I snapped on a whim. One morning before we got ready for nursery Spike was lining her toys up on the sofa and proclaiming ‘Sit there!’ in her best mum voice. I thought it was hilarious so grabbed my phone to take a picture. It didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped but I obviously still got the right message across because so many people thought it was as funny as I did!

Next up we have what was probably the best thing T text me all month. I had to steal it and post it to my own instagram as he never uses his… But I love this picture and it was sent to me with the best text ever ‘I turned my back for one minute’

The 3rd most liked photo on my intsagram feed this past month was probably my favourite picture of Spike that I took this month. Even though she has her dummy in and the lighting is awful and it was taken as we were rushing out of the house. I snapped it quick because in that moment I loved her so much for just being her. And she looked adorable!

This next photo shocked me because I didn’t expect it to do so well. Its a cute photo but its nothing special and again, it was just snapped quick whilst I was in a rush getting her up to bed. She is such a caring little thing and loves to say goodnight to everything and everyone she can, even if its an inanimate object!

And finally we’re onto our most liked picture of the month.  It’s another featuring Spike’s amazing Next coat and us braving the cold out and about. Last month the second most liked photo was outside too.  I can totally see why this one was liked so much. Its amazing. Taken on T’s iPhone 7plus, it has depth effect and he’s captured her smile perfectly. I loved taking her to see the snowdrops at a nearby historic house. She loved being out and about. I can’t wait for the weather to improve so we can do more outside!


My nature baby loving the woods earlier. That smile lights up the darkest of days.

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