My top 5 instagram pictures – July 2017

July has been and gone. With a busy social schedule, a busy work life and a lack of great weather. There hasn’t been time to even think about how fast its been and gone because I can’t actually process the fact its August. I’m hoping that doing my monthly round up of most engaged Instagram pictures helps with that!

July started off with a wedding. And there was another wedding three weeks into it. Then I’ve got a third wedding in two weeks time. Three weddings in 6 weeks! I’m showing my age. In between there were trips to museums, shops, birthday parties and more. It was fun and hectic and I loved all the time I got to spend with my girl. Funnily enough though, my face appears in more of these pictures than ever before!



This photo sums up how Spike is being lately. With the temper tantrums and sulking. But its hilarious and you guys obviously loved it as much as I did as it was my fifth most liked picture of the month! It was taken in June but posted in July to celebrate this blog post going live!


I ❤️ this picture from last weekend. I rarely love pictures with me in them but just look at her smile!

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Next up features yours truly! We went to blackpool to the Sea Life Centre and it was that pretty and sunny outside that we spent time paddling in the sea! T managed to snap this absolutely adorable picture of me and Spike looking so happy!


Third most liked Instagram picture from July is sweaty me! I am really proud of myself for achieving as much as I have done with the couch to 5k plan. Unfortunately I’ve not finished and I was hoping to by this point but more on that is coming next week!


Look at that cheeky face! It’s no wonder so many people loved this one!


He’s an idiot. It’s a good job I love him ❤️

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And finally… a bit of a drunken selfie with my significant other… you guys obviously like drunk Raimy and silly T!